Pitter Patter Nappies

My son in a new budget Pitter Patter stuffable nappy. This is a size large, which is generous, I have folded down the front a little, as he is at the bottom end of the size range at 19lbs.
This nappy requires a waterproof wrap.


Samn said...

Corina from Pitter Patter Cloth Nappies is really friendly and makes the nappies very quickly. I've only ordered pocket nappies (front fasteners) from her but I'm very happy so far.

You can stuff them beforehand and then they are basically an all-in-one, but we haven't had any containment issues so far. Our babysitter (who also works at the nursery) commented that they were so much easier to use than a nappy which has to have a separate liner and wrap. Plus they dry quickly, which is good for me as I don't have a tumble drier. I do like the fleece ones but you can choose from a large variety of fabrics and the Pul ones I bought seem pretty slim - slimmer than our Minkis which I only use at night.

Maisiemog said...

I have the new budget nappy which is made from soft terry/velour polyester fleece.
Unlike the other Pitter Patter nappies, it is a pocket style, but requires a waterproof cover.
The fit is very good and it is well made, it is slightly bulkier than my other fitteds, as it still requires a wrap after stuffing. But it can be stuffed with just a microfibre towel and work well, with a slim profile.
The nappy fastens with a nappy nippa, so the exact size can be achieved and you can fold the front a little if you are at the small end of the size range.
The nappy washes well, dries fast and leaves my son's skin very dry with no red marks.
You could probabably get away with about ten of these as they dry completely overnight and you could stuff them with any fabric.
Good value at £9 for 2 large nappies.
I think the next size down is £8 for two.
Only one colour available at the moment I think.

gavino1 said...

Wonderful shot, this baby is so cute!

kl_gendron said...

I have used the stuffable nappy that still needs a wrap - you fasten it with a nippa. Excellent fit, although even though it had the layer of fleece I still used another fleece liner - made things easier with soiled nappies rather than having to dunk the whole thing in the loo.

RainbowRose said...

I've got stuffable nappies and wraps from Pitter Patter Nappies and they are lovely, well made and a really nice fit.

Anonymous said...

absorlutely fantastic nappies

fgeegf said...

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