Wam-Bamboo Nappies


WaggerMama said...

lovely and soft, narrow through the gusset and long in the rise, I've used the nippa version and had to fold it down for my 2 and a half year old.

Also the tabs are really long so should fit the widest babies easily. The booster is separate so can be left out for a newborn to avoid bulkiness (such a good idea), I think it'll make a great birth to potty nappy.

flamesparrow said...

When my wambamboo first arrived I just wanted to sit and cuddle it for hours – I’m even tempted to buy a spare booster just for something to cuddle! Bamboo nappies are soooo soft and silky.

You put it in the wash expecting it to come out all hard and nasty, but no – it is still very very soft even when radiator dried.

The wambamboo has a separate booster, which when folded gives you an extra 6 layers of absorbancy, which you can position in the nappy wherever YOU want to depending on your child’s needs.

I used the birth to potty nippa version. The front is slimmer than many similar nappies, so it doesn’t look as bulky when folded down on a newborn. I have always been a bit dubious about “birth to potty” knowing that my children have large bottoms, but this nappy fitted both my 15 week old and my 3 year old, and was the slimmest fitting shaped nappy that I own.

It has a high rise for tall children/those with sticky out bums, and is still wide enough to cover even my daughter’s J-Lo bottom. It also has incredibly long tabs so that it will fit chunky children as well as slimmer ones.

It is bamboo, so has amazing absorbtion qualities, but that does mean that it takes a long time to dry – but it is worth it!!!

Oooh - it comes in blue and pink too!!!

Elaine said...

These are gre
at nappies. I found them very very slim fitting but still very absorbent. They can be used as a birth to potty. I have a nippa version, but I am watching to make sure they don't have the same problems as the bamboozle nippa - they stop nippaing.
I have a tall little boy and these are great to give him the coverage in the height, that tots bots and motherease have failed to.
I have a tumble drier, but only use it a bit and they take a couple of days to dry - so not the fastest

Anonymous said...

Very slim-fitting, fits well under all of my boys clothes. Lovely soft fabric, with an excellent nippa'd fit, snug and close-fitting. No leaks ever with this nappy.
Downside is the drying time (48 hours for me).

Anonymous said...

I use this nappy at night, it is really absorbant and does not leak. I also find that it takes ages to dry, sometimes more than 48 hours indoors.

Seona said...

I've been using these for a few weeks now and am very impressed. Much less bulky than others I've tried (Tots Bots, MEOs) and lovely and soft.

They are long so the aplix version I have can be a bit loose but I've not had any leak problems (using a Rikki wrap) and it means they'll last well.

Drying wise: I've not got a tumble dryer or any outdoor drying space so they might seem an odd choice for me. I do find though that they're dry in about 24 hours. Even in winter I was able to hang them near the gas fire and they dried pretty quickly considering.

I've bought a few more than I'd maybe have needed with a faster drying nappy but all in all I'm really pleased and will be sticking with them!

Seona said...
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Liss said...

I have a size 2 in nippa version and it's great on my small baby, as it's so slim it folds down neatly and is still slimmer than some size 1's that we have (like Little Lambs etc..), it's soft and silky, and so absorbant! It does take a long time to dry, but worth it for the absorbancy when the baby gets older and is going longer at night I think.

Julie 'n' Jamie said...

these were the first I bought, and still see myself as a new user as bubs has only been in them for a month.

I have ella's house hemp & bumhugger, and bamboozles to compare them to and they are my favourite.

The high rise is a bit of a problem as my boy has such a little bum, but they are so slim they fold down quite easily.

morocco said...

i love mine, we're still using the size 1 on my 5 month old (unlike the bambineos I bought at the same time) and they have been ace, only down side is the drying time

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