Boo Hoo Potty Training Aids

It has to happen, they must leave nappies behind (boom boom!) and when the time comes there may be some invaluable information that you can impart to the rest of the cloth users.
So here is an opportunity to add a review for a product that you found useful or hopeless whilst potty training.

This is my DS at 21 months checking out his potty seat - it was clean.


Maisiemog said...

I have found the Mothercare potty seat really useful for my DS, the seat lifts out and he can carry it himself because it's light and easy to empty into the loo. Definately easier to empty and clean than a regular potty.
He didn't like it when he was a little of 14 months, because his legs dangled, but in retrospect it would have been simple to put a book or something under his feet. Now his feet touch the ground he could sit there all day.
We also bought a Zorbit potty from Asda, it is a pretty traditional shape, but the front bit is too low in my opinion and boys can pee right over the top quite easily. Possibly a better one for a girl.
It was a bit better for ds when he was little and wanted his feet on the ground, but it hasn't had the same amount of use as the potty seat.

Twickersmum said...

The Mama toto trainer seat was brilliant - soft padded one with handles (for them to hold on to) i found fantastic -
or mamatoto have a "potty training pack" which is great value: kit

Maisiemog said...

Must add Mumsnet Talk Category "Nappies, potty training etc..." an excellent forum for advice and support when potty training.
Totally recommended!!
(and thank you to anyone who helped 'me' on there :o) )

Anonymous said...

the best potty ever is the baby bjorn chair style one with the removable bucket.

I also second the mumsnet talk category mentioned above. It is an invaluable source of advice for potty training.

Anonymous said...

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