Bambineo & Bambinex

The re-vamped Wam-Bamboo - it has longer tabs and the fabric is slightly different.
Available in bamboo and microfibre (Teddy Nappy) I believe the Teddy has been discontinued.
The Size 2 can be used as a birth to potty nappy.
Bambineo has now changed to Bambinex.
Let's hope this is the last of the name changes!

Go to the website just to hear the 'funky' music. ;o)


Victoria said...

I have tried this nappy not the wambamboo, so I can't comment on the difference. I didn't really like the nappy. It was very thin and not as absorbent as other bamboo nappies that I have, such as the bamboozle or baby beehinds.
I didn't think the fit was very good, and my little girl's bottom was not covered properly at the back.
Not impressed.

Christa said...

I love both the bamboo and the teddy.

I nippa for a better fit (the velcro can give too high a rise on babies at the lower end of the weight range).

The bamboo is lovely and slim fitting.

The teddy is very very soft, and dries on the line in about 2 1/2 hours. Its slightly slimmer than a fluffle when on.

Anonymous said...

the shape really suits my baby (high in the rise). the teddy nappy is lovely and soft and dries quickly. not as absorbant as his other nappies, but i've only used it once so it should improve.

Anonymous said...

We have the Size 2 bamboo in nippa fastening and have been using it as a birth to potty nappy and it's great. Slim fitting so we can fold it down and it is still more trim than other size 1's we have, absorbant, although I can see that we may need a second booster as he gets older. Overall I am impressed, the fabric on the new version is soooo much nicer than the old one which doesn't stay as soft.


Jennie said...

I use the pistachio bambineo size 2 on my 3 month old. The colour is gorgeous and they´ve stayed soft in our very hard water when other nappies have gone crispy almost straight away. However the absorbancy isn´t as great as I´d hoped for and I find the seperate booster can make it quite fiddly, once you add a fleece liner and then have the wrap to put on. Can´t imagine how I´d get it on a wriggly toddler! I was personally disappointed because of the absorbancy issue but I can imagine that other people with less heavy wetting babies would get on great with it.

Stephanie said...

I have 2 of these but only use them at night because the rise is too high for my toddler. They do dry really fast tho and are trimmer than my little lamb micros

Bubblegum Distributions said...

Bambineo is now called Bambinex and there are definitely no more name changes planned! The Teddy has been discontinued, they used to come in some really beautiful colours. But better than ever Bambinex have a new range called the Basic Line - definitely worth checking out, very economical All In Two, and they have just one the Baby Innovation Award for 2011! Their Bamboo Nappy - the softness line also one the Mumsnet Award in the UK for their Bamboo Nappies. If you loved the Bambineo, you will adore the Bambinex Range.