Mothercare Smart Nappy

New pocket-style nappy from Mothercare in Small Medium and Large


Angelwingz said...

I have trialled the small size and the large size both with reusable and disposable pads.

Sizing wise the small is an excellent fit and fits up to the weight it says but the sizing of the large is way off. They were a big fit on my 2 yr old girl, my 4 year old boy could get into them for night! I also read elsewhere that the medium sizing is on the large size too. There was a bit of wing droop too when the velcro tabs met in the middle.

They are a pain in the backside to boost, the cradle doesn't hold much more than one pad.

They are pretty boring (although cute on a newborn) and i find that the outer can snag easily in the wash especially if the foldover tabs aren't spot on.

The disposable pads are a good idea in theory but they are not great for bf poo as they tend to bunch up between the legs however they do hold a lot of wee.

The resusable pads i highly recommend, very reliable. I have been using them for months as pocket nappy inserts and have been awaiting mothercare to sell them so i can stock up! They are higly absorbant, dry in a flash as they are trifolded and the material (microfibre and not sure what else) dries quick. Idiot proof to fold and use and most importantly no bunching up between the legs!

I find that they fit inside most pockets, weenotions medium with a small pad being a tight squeeze but other pockets have not been a problem! (The new weenotions are a bit more roomier now, i find that i can stuff them with these pads no problems.)

Anonymous said...

I find the Mothercare Smart Nappy is nothing new, with a less reliable cover than the wellknown Weenees brand, plus the pads aren't compostable from what I can see, which the Weenees pads are. Mothercare seem to suggest that the reduction in volume of waste in using the pads rather than conventional disposables is why their pads are better for the environment. Oh, yes, of course, 4 million rather than 8 million disposables going to landfill is ok, isn't it?! Don't fall for this marketing ploy!

Anonymous said...

I purchased the newborn size SmartNappy from Mothercare. They fit well but I'm quite frustrated with them because they don't seem to be holding in the wetness. and it's quite severe - my daughter's entire back and backside gets soaked each time she wees. So instead of adding to a landfill, I'm washing my daughter's underclothes and sleeper each time she wees.

LoopyG said...

as a regualr cloth nappy user I fancied giving these a go as I do often used disposables as well when out and about and at night. The size large fitted my little one really well around the waist...slightly generous on the thigh but he is slim so this is often the case. I found them really good with the disposable pad for wees...contained way more and felt softer than the usual eco-disposables that I use but as soon as he did a poo it was game over. It didn't leak or anything, it was just smeared on the inside of the wrap and I didn't have a second one as a spare since I've never had a nappy wrap accident before so just didn't think to pack a spare!!! Thankfully I was close to home but I can't see me using it when out and about as planned as I now have the fear!! The washable inserts look great though and I can use those to boost my proper cloth nappies. I wish I'd tried the weenees now instead...anyway, you live and learn ;-)

Anonymous said...

I use these nappies on my 13month old son and I've found them brilliant. They are are great price, dry very quickly and stay soft. Poo does often get on the outer bit though so maybe you would need a lot of outers if your baby poos a lot. They take about 3 washes to become fully absorbent- I need to change them every 2-3 hours but my son does wee a lot! They are not absorbent enough for night though so I'll need to find a different nappy for nightimes

bonnie said...

They were awful. They leaked and wee seemed to bounce off the front panel. The nappy didn't contain poo at all

Anonymous said...

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|Rosheen said...

I bought the large wraps (my son was a bit older when this range was released) and inners plus the newborn inners to use as boosters at night. as far as absorbancy was concerned, they were fine, but it needed the booster at night (which sometimes was still not enough)and there wasn't enough room in the wraps for all this material (even though the newborn booster was their recommendation).

Although the poo never leaked out of the nappy, it went on the wrap at least 95% of the time (they only remained clean three times in the entire time i used them), which means that although yes you can use the disposable pads (which is what attracted me to them) you still have to carry the dirty wrap around with you (which in my experince was always a lot messier than a reusable inner once the liner and it's contents were thrown away).

the liners do not stay in place, especially over the wrap on the inside of the nappy. it slips and bunches over this bit (the cotton inner seems to grip it, but wrap is too slippy) which means that even when you use a liner, the wrap often still cannot be used a second time because it has become dirty.

we also found them fiddley to assemble and once your toddler becomes wriggly, one kick makes them fall apart. we actually found terrys nappies easier! at least you can hold the ensemble as you put it on whereas with these it kind of balanced in the right position (especially with the booster) and the assembled inner can tip as you bend the nappy meaning the liner isn't covering the inner (needs adjusting as you put it on-not easy with a wriggler). my partner (who was happy to put terrys on our little one) began refusing to use these because theyr fiddley and have messey wraps to wash once theyr taken off).

On the positive side they are fairly quick to dry (although im not convinced they are quicker than a terry) and the wraps do tend to stay fairly white or just off white in the wash unlike the kushies which i used previously).

i didnt mind using them (although was often frustrated by them, and often think i forced myself to like using them due to the cost) however i definately wouldn't use them again, or recommend them and am definately buying a different set altogether this time meaning that the money i invested in them has been wasted so that is annoying and means that they weren't very good value for money

i have a friend who wanted to buy them from me but to be honest i am giving them to her because i am so convinced she will want to buy a different set, i don't want to feel ive ripped her off.