Cottontail Nappy

A birth to potty nappy made in organic velour. Adjusted using poppers 


Anonymous said...

These are very neat nappies which fold down to a tiny size for newborns. They wash very well and stay a lot softer than cotton terry nappies
Compared with the hemp and bamboo nappies we use, they are not as absorbent, so not ideal for night, unless heavily boosted, or for a heavy wetter like my dd. they were nice day nappies for us up until around 18 months when they were getting too saturated and leaking through the cotton tails wraps.
We ended up using them with a different brand of wrap and they were fine.
Foe us they were great, but we did need to buy separate night nappies.

Carly Tribe said...

This blog offers incredible advice on cloth nappies! Thank you so much!