Nappy Advice

Nappy Advisory Services - From the people who can visit you at home to the online questionnaires Have you used a service like this? Write a review for the service.


-Kristiane said...

I have used the nappy advisory service provided by
I am very happy with the service I got, both after filling out a questionnaire, and the replies my emails with more specific questions.

Matthewsmummy said...

I did a lot of research on the internet and found the advice on mumsnet forums from other users was helpful.
I also did a questionnaire for the nappy lady, and tried the recommended nappy which was a totsbots but it didn't suit us because it took too long to dry even with a tumble dry, so I can't say it was very good advice for us.
We have ended up using pocket nappies and found out through trial and error which were the best nappies. I don't know if you can really know which is the best nappy for you just from an advice line and recommend trying a few different nappies for yourself.

Maisiemog said...

Changeworks - The Edinburgh Real Nappy Project have a nappy library, offer a cheap trial pack and lots of good advice.
This is where I got my incentive to use cloth.

Donna said...

Lizzies Real Nappies also have an online advice form and we found her recommendations to be spot on. Her nappy kits are quite cheap too.

I believe her address is www.lizzies

Jo said...

Like Kristiane, who posted above, I found the nappy lady really helpful. I filled in an online questionnaire and then had detailed email and phone conversations with my local nappy advisor. It was my 2nd child but her advice really changed my choices of cloth nappies and the way I used them, in a very helpful way. The nappy lady URL is although also gets you there.

Anonymous said...

I found mamigreen to be fab! Rhian (the nappy expert there) has a wealth of information and gives practical and supportive advice. She offers a telephone advice consultation and also free home demos in South Wales area.(

Anonymous said... lists local nappy agents - and is very helpful. Fliss

bonnie said...

i must agree the nappy lady was fantastic. They really sorted out the right nappy for me with my first and they have been used very successfully on number two. I've now put them aside for number three. I filled out a questionnaire on their website and i got allocated an advisor. Their website is

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katy said...

I used the Nappy Lady but wasn't too impressed to be honest. The advice felt really impersonal, like I'd just received a template email.
Also the nappy recommendations were way off. I'm very glad I did further research before purchasing my nappies, as if I'd bought what I was recommended (20 One life nappies and one size bambinex wraps - incidentally, one of the only nappies and wraps I've tried that I've really hated!) it would have been a very expensive mistake.