Mommy's Touch

A US nappy now for sale in the UK. This is a birth to potty pocket nappy with popper fastening.


Dervla said...

I didn't get on with the Motherease one size and was a bit sceptical about this nappy, but I do like pocket nappies for my six month old twins.
One of my twins is a lot smaller than the other and I am using two different setting for them, which is working out well. I like the fast drying of pocket nappies and these are very reliable, unless they are soaked. Not sure they will do when my little boy - the bigger of the two gets biggers as he is a heavy wetter now.
I have 16 of these which is actually fine for both of them and keeps things simple with two babies.
They were pretty big on the smallest setting when the twins were newborns, so not very high rating on cute factor, but looking better now and the colour choice is great.
We also use them at night and they last all night with hemp and microfibre inserts.
The poppers are a bit confusing to begin with, but you do get used to them. I'm not sure I would leave my MIL to adjust the setting though, not that easy for a complete novice.
I tend to undo the settings for washing, so I am left with repoppering them to the appropriate setting, each time, especially as my twins are different. I also find stuffing pocket nappies a pain, but the cheapness of this system and the quickness of drying more than compensate for that.

For Suzanne said...

I really like pocket nappies. They are easy to wash and dry and come out of the wash really clean.
For a onesize I find the fit really good compared with Wonderoos. I do like bumgenious more for a small baby as Mommy's touch is more bulky on a small baby.
So far the Mommy's touch has the edge on Bumgenious for longevity, as I have the older version and the stretchy tabs are a bit tatty. The Mommy's touch is in better condition now than the BG and the range of colours for MT is far larger and therefore better.

tory said...

Im a big pocket fan and i also love birth to potty pocket nappies so i thought i would give these a try...i love them, these come in a VERY close second fav to my BG pockets!! They are slim and i even managed to use one overnight last night, stuffed with 2 of the m/f inserts that come with BG's and a bamboo booster my daughters bottom was still dry after 12 hours! Excellent, im about to order 5 more!

Marie said...

This is a lovely, reliable pocket nappy. I have one old-style and one new style. The New style is much, much easier to adjust to the smaller sizes and looks a lot neater too when sized-down. The new-style also has an opening both ends to allow for the insert to come out during washing. On a minus point the new-style has more poppers so may confuse grans/dads/carers (my husband won't touch mine because of the amount of poppers).
I haven't had a leak yet with my Mommy's Touch which I stuff with a microfibre insert and booster. The colours/prints are also lovely (more variety then the bumgenius).

mum-of-3 said...

I have one Mommy's Touch AIO one-size and it hasn't worked :( it leaks just about every time and the sewn in booster is way too short for my baby boy who wets at the front and the additional booster pad is very small... very disappointed however cute colours they have and a clever idea of birth2potty AIO. I think the pocket type would probably work better. Very quick drying though.

Anonymous said...

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