P'tits dessous

A range of nappies from France including the Toudou, Toudou Bio, Toudou Basic, Toudou Technic and P'tit Bamboo. There are also a range of All in One nappies and pockets.

This is a 19th month old model wearing a cotton velour Toudou in Pink, size large, boosted with a bamboo booster.


ElliesMummy said...

I have this nappy and it is gorgeous and soft. I love the colours, they are really nice and bright.
It fits really well and lasts my little girl about three hours.
It is quite a slim fit, so I was worried about how long it would last, but it seems to do well.
She is a medium, so it might not last so long for a heavier wetter.
Only problem is it was a bit pricey, but a luxury nappy to show off in the Summer time. :)

Anonymous said...

We have a large size Toudou in Cherry Red for my ds who is 19 months. It is a beautiful colour and stays lovely and soft and is very slim fitting. Ours has a microterry soaker which lasts us about 3 hours. The only downside I have found to this nappy is that because of the fit our airflow wraps fell down and exposed the top of the nappy! I tend to use rikki wraps now.

Anonymous said...

I have some Toudou Bios and I *love* them! They look and feel really soft and luxurious and are a really cute, neat, slim fit. Absorbency is as good as any other (it is sold as a daytime nappy, I don't think it'd last a full night) and the poppers give a good fit. The sizing seems to be quite tight though - I bought size 2 for my son who is at the bottom of the weight range and I can't see how it will still fit him at 16kg, but we'll see. Expensive, but worth it.

Anonymous said...

I have the rust coloured cotton velour version of this nappy and find it lovely and soft.
The absorbency is fine for a day nappy, but not for nighttimes.
It is a nice slim fit and great for putting under slimmer fitting clothing like jeans.
I bought my one new, as a special treat for my little girl, and although it is beautiful, I don't think it is worth the money if you only want a serviceable nappy. Not for anyone on a budget.

The Nappyline said...

The p'tits dessous mini-maxi birth to potty pocket nappy is awesme too. It fits from far smaller to far larger than the similar Wonderoos, which don't seem to do very well on either a new born or a larger toddler. The PD fits from TINY, buy i=sng the lower row of waist poppers, and folding down the resulting flap, to a really large chunky toddler,as it's very generous in the rise!

A lovely range of colours as well.

If you buy from a UK seller, they are well priced, as there's no VAT, but as with all Frenjh napies, if you buy from France there's 19.6% VAT, so hunt for a UK seller!

Anonymous said...

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