Lollipop Softee

Microfibre nappy from Lollipop nappies.


S.G. said...

LOVE it, keeps my 2yr old going all night with no extra boosting. I can wash it in the morning and it's dry by bedtime in the evening. Brilliant - the best nighttime nappy I've come across by far and I'm on my third child in cloth!

Maisiemog said...

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Anonymous said...

The Lollipop softee is the softest cuddliest nappy I have owned. It is incredibly absorbent on my two year old and makes a great night-time nappy.
It also dries incredibly quickly and looks very cute on baby.

Anonymous said...

I use this nappy for nightime, it's really absorbant and dries quickly. It looks lovely and is really soft.

Susan D said...

I am a (real!) user of Lollipop Softee nappies. I bought two packs of 20 nappies in each of the two sizes, plus wraps, on a half price offer, in preparation for the birth of my third daughter in August 2009.
I chose these because we don't have a tumble drier, and live in an area where it often rains, so I needed something that was quick drying, even indoors.
I've been using them since my daughter was 4 days old; she is 17 months now. I'm very impressed - they are beautifully fluffy and soft, staying so when air dried, as advertised. They do indeed dry quickly, as promised, although I'd say two hours is pushing it - more like overnight to be completely dry to the core, as opposed to touch dry.
They are very absorbent - I boost them at night with a cotton terry booster, but on the odd occasion when my husband has forgotten this, the nappy (size 2 now) has coped well enough.
I am currently using these with pull up woollen pants (our daughter pulls velcro tabs off now!). This combination provides an easy wash, quick drying system for us, that keeps us and our daughter happy. We have no problems with nappy rash now. We had previously had soreness problems using them with PUL wraps. I think the combination of polyester nappy plus polyester wrap can cause the nappy area to become rather warm, which may bring about problems with some babies' skin. But as mentioned the wool pants have sorted that.
The elasticated leg holes have meant that so far we have had very few leaks on to the wrap, even with some very messy number twos.
The nappies also seem very hard wearing. I'm confident that they would last another child or more; sadly not likely to be mine at my age. :-)
I would not hesitate to recommend these nappies to any one who wants an easy laundering, reliable, absorbent nappy. A definite thumbs up from me.
- Susan D.