Nappy Networks & Incentive Schemes

If you are a member of a nappy network, or your council offers a incentive to use cloth, please post - so that new cloth users can find support and financial help.


Maisiemog said...

I recieved some financial help from Edinburgh council in the form of Changeworks. They have a nappy library and regular 'nappy chats' and I used the cashback offer to fund my first prefolds.
The website is hard to find, but they also have information on the website of the Edinburgh Real Nappy Network - mothballed for now.
There is cashback for low income households, plus a nappy trial pack scheme which allows cloth to be tried for a few weeks for a small fee.
There is also a credit scheme for low income households.

Anonymous said...

West Sussex do a fantastic nappy scheme. You can claim a free starter pack until your baby is 4 months old.
The nappy set currently comprises 5 motherease sandy's, 5 motherease one size, a rikki wrap and an airflow wrap, 2 snap-in liner, 3 rolls of nappy liners and a wet nappy bag.

YOu can also claim £30 cashback over 18 months when you get a form signed by your health visitor (to confirm you are still using cloth)

Anonymous said...

Derby City council and Derbyshire county council do cashback, £25 back when £50 spent, proof of payment needed.

Anonymous said...

Camden (London) does money back and the shop in Chalton street is great. The lady gives advice on nappys and is very helpful. you can borrow nappies to try. They also stock some very useful clothes and things

Anonymous said...

Carmarthenshire have a nappy incentive scheme, they offer a free trail pack.
I recieved the medium, which was 6 Junior Joy prefolds, 1 Bambino Mio wrap, 2 proraps and a packet of paper liners.

Anonymous said...

Worcestershire Real Nappy Incentive scheme has just launched. They are offering residents in Hereford and Worcestershire £30 cashback on a £50 spend or a free prefold trial pack! Proof of purchase needed to claim cashback!

Swindon Real Nappy Network said...

Swindon Real Nappy Network have successfully campaigned to get Swindon Borough Council to introduce a cash-back scheme. Wo-hoo!

Anonymous said...

North Tyneside Council also does a similar scheme, where you can either get £30 cash back on money spent on reusables, or a free starter pack.

Anonymous said...

Wiltshire Real Nappy Network operate a loan scheme and offer up to £30 cash back :)

Nicky said...

Hi, Salisbury Real Nappy Network offer support and loan out try before you buy kits. They also have get togethers nd other things. They provide application forms for the Wiltshire cashback scheme mentioned earlier.

Anonymous said...

In London - Real Nappies for London ( have a number of schemes in partnership with the various borough councils across london. You can get a voucher worth between £30 and £80 to spend towards real nappies and accessories at a number of named outletes (both 'real' and online) - you need to show proof of residence and provide a copy of your baby's (up to 18mt old) birth certificate. (then show proof of id when using the voucher). I'm in towerhamlets and got a £50 voucher. It can take a while to get your voucher though

Anonymous said...

Cambridge City Council have got about 15 free starter kits left to give away - a bucket, 12 prefolds, 2 Tots Bots, 4 Onelife, 2 Rikki wraps, 2 Nature Babies wrap and liners. Email if you live in Cambridge and would like one! Hopefully Cambridgeshire County Council will be doing cashback in the New Year.


Anonymous said...

The Real Nappies for London scheme means some councils are offering incentives for the first time.

Lisa Mooney said...

East Sussex County Council and promote the use of washable nappies as a way for parents to reduce their rubbish. We have starter packs (Yummies prefolds and motherease one size nappies) for parents to try and also offer loan packs (prefolds) to low income parents through a number of nappy loan schemes throughout the County

Anonymous said...

herts county council offer a 40 pound subsidy to encourage you to use cloth nappies.
You can contact Louise Palmer,
Assistant Recycling Officer
on 01727 819428 or

Nappyline said...

Cumbria Nappy incentive is planning to launch fully in Real Nappy Week, at the end of April. It's starting now with a small trial, and vouchers worth £45 (£70 for twins) will be sent out to anyone who has already registered for them, with a child under 18 months of age, as soon as they are printed. They can be used at retailers registered in the scheme (local businesses only)
There is no stipulation as to what can be bought, except it must be reusable nappies only, although they are allowing flushable liners.
It will be a case of finding who sells the nappies you want, amongst the registered sellers.
To apply for vouchers ring the Resource Cumbria Helpline 0845 0551118

Lambone said...

Richmond-upon-Thames council offer £50 cashback against prior purchase of nappies

Purple Fairy said...

Lincolnshire County Council will pay £30 cash back to parents purchasing cloth nappies.

To qualify for the offer you must:

Live in Lincolnshire
Have purchased cloth nappies for a new baby or existing child since 1 January 2005
Enclose an itemised receipt(s) for cloth nappies (minimum spend £50)
Send a photocopy of the child's Birth Certificate
Please note:

One claim per child
Nappies may be purchased from any supplier
Original receipts required - no photocopies (receipts returned if requested)
Please allow 30 days for payment to arrive
To apply please fill in an application form by downloading it from: return it along with the receipt and copy of birth certificate to the address stated.

mum-of-3 said...


Hackney council offers a £54 voucher within the Real Nappies for London scheme. There's also a Nappy Natter session once/twice a month which is a group of mums, dads and carers who have used/are using/are interested in cloth nappies and share info with anyone interested.

Real Nappy Chappie said...

The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust offers a refund of up to £30 against the purchases of real nappies. The only criteria for claiming the refund is that
(a) your child must be aged between 0-24 months
(b) your child must be resident in Wiltshire

If you spend £60 or more on real nappies then you can claim a £30 refund or if you prefer you may claim two lots of £15 during the two years if you spend £30 or more on each occasion.

At the Trust we also offer a free, no obligation trial kit with an abundance of real nappies for you to try before you purchase for a 3 week period. If you would like to find out more information about the trial kit, our incentive scheme or real nappies in general then please get in touch at
Happy Nappying :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Leicestershire county council has a fantastic nappy advisor. She is soooo helpful, asks you a few questions and advises you which nappies to go for and you can buy direct from her at fantastically low prices, and if I want to order more She gave me discount codes for websites. I can pass these to friends and family too! If you wanted advise or discounts you can contact her her name is Faatima and if you google Leicester nappuccino it will take you to her number in councils website which is 07870953402. I love my nappies!!!! Xx