Swim Nappies

A new category suggested by a reviewer (thank you!) please leave your comments about the swim nappies you have tried good and bad.


emily said...

Used the Konfidence nappy for 2 years and worked well, brought it from www.funswimshop.com

The Nappyline said...

As a babyswimming specialist teacher, I have no doubt that the Popolino/Motherease are the best swim nappies available.
These are front popper fastening nappies, so hard for baby to remove, but easy for adults to remove if they do get soiled. The fabric is soft and comfortable, with some lovely prints and patterns. Each size is adjustables through a good weight range, so there are less sizes to buy, but your get a good secure snug fit right through.

Anonymous said...

The Water Babies swim school only allow babies to wear a combination of the Splash About Happy Nappy over a Huggies Little Swimmer swim nappy. We've used this combination during classes and at our local swimming pool and they work brilliantly.

We want cheap nappies! said...

We use these nappies this summer and had no problems with them.

No more accident's in the pool