Modern baby

This is my son at 13 months wearing a size 2 Modern Baby Premium Nappy in raspberry gingham.


Anonymous said...

I had the trial pack from Essex council which was good value at £5 for shaped nappies, prefolds and cover and some liners. The old style nappies are OK but not very absorbant.
The new style nappies with the sewn in fleece topped booster are much better - they keep baby dry and fit well. A bit slow to line dry but tumble up well. Wraps are nice too and never had any leaks with the shaped nappy system.

Laura B said...

I also got these from the Essex council incentive scheme in size small for my newborn. I did find them a good fit for a newborn and in fact used these fairly exclusively while my son was still tiny, as pther nappies like Tots seemed really bulky at first. I think they are pretty absorbant, though they feel REALLY wet when changed. Also agree the wraps are a good fit, although the last time I used one in an emergency (they're getting a bit small now) they managed to leak somehoe even though the nappy was totally contained - weird. Also agree on the drying front, they do take a long time, though the cotton is nice and soft.

Anonymous said...

I bought 3 of these nappies with aplix in the small size for my newborn as they were recommende for our hard water as they are not terries but softer cotton.

I have found them hopeless for my baby, they are baggy around the legs, just can't get a good fit, and therefore useless with breastfed poo. My baby was getting on for 9lbs at birth so it's not like she was small, even at 12lbs they don't fit well.

Maisiemog said...

We have a size 2 Modern Baby Premium nappy in raspberry gingham, with a matching cotton covered wrap.
It is a very cute nappy set and the wrap covers other nappies that are high on the rise well.
The fleece topped booster save faffing about with separate fleece liners and is a nice stay-dry addition.
I find the nappy is great for days and lasts around 3 hours (which is the most I would leave ds between changes)
It is quite a long nappy and looks a bit big on ds, but I think it will easily last to upper end of the weight range. Despite the large size the containment has proved to be excellent, very reliable. It is easy to fasten, so good for out and about.
I wasn't convinced about the aplix/velcro tabs, there didn't seem to be enough velcro to keep the tabs from looking a bit dogeared. I think a slightly longer piece of velcro would allow for more adjustability.
Other than that, a nice, reliable day nappy, with a good choice of colours.

msjiffle said...

i have a pink checked size 2 nappy for dd, now 18 months old.
it's very deep in the rsie which is usally what we need, however i do find it hard to get a good fit with this nappy and we've had some terrible poo leaks recently, it's almost too deep in the rise meaning that the leg holes don't fit tightly enough, and dd is tall.
i'm not an aplix fan and wouldn't have bought this nappy, it was a present from a nappy swap. however, i haven't sold it on yet, so it can't be that bad! it's pretty, still nice and soft and plenty absorbent enough for us, i just find it hard to get a snug leakproof fit with it.

Anonymous said...

The gingham is a bit girly for my boy! I like the gingham, but would like it as an option rather than the only way the nappies come!

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