Sugar Peas

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SaraSeahorse said...

Sugar Peas are fantastic hemp nappies with a snap in booster and are very stretchy on elastic and I get a lovely fit with them on my long toddler
but they also have two rows of poppers to get good fit on smaller child (you can fold down front and fasten on lower set of poppers

there is secodn set of poppers on insde to give choice of two positions for snap in booster

very stretchy so fits good size range I have size 2 which is designed for 18-38lbs

uk source of these is

I prefer these to ellas house hemp nappies (not to be confused with bumhuggers which is my favourite choice for night)

Maisiemog said...

I have the size 2 Sugarpeas and find them very absorbent. They have two sets of poppers, we are still on the lowest at 15months, so this is a high rise nappy. It would be great for a tall baby, as I think it looks like it would really last.
The containment is very good, the fit is medium, I wouldn't say this was a slim nappy, unless you dispensed with the snap in hemp booster, which would affect the absorbency.
Quite a cute nappy in a natural understated way, as it is plain hemp fleece, which is a nice colour with green overlocking stitch around the edge.

Smartypants said...

I had a SugarPeas front fastening nappy. It was quite a strange fit. It was bought second hand and I don't know if this particular nappy is still made, but it looks like a birth to potty as it has two sets of poppers.
It is very high rise and nice and simple in design. I couldn't decide whethe to use the smaller poppers or the full size. The sides tended to pull down on the smaller set, but the bigger set seemed too big and the legs didn't quite fit.
However, once inside the wrap it was all held together and was an absorbent nappy.
Not sure if I would buy it again, but it would last a long time on a big baby because the waist height was bery tall.

Anonymous said...

I liked my sugar peas and never had any problems with it.

Anonymous said...

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