Blueberry Nappies

There seem to be a few nappies with the name Blueberry, some were made by a WAHM in the UK and a one-size/ birth to potty nappy is made by the same company as Swaddlebees, this is a front fastening nappy available with velcro and poppers.
Swaddlebees also make a pocket nappy with side fastening,however this nappy appears to have ceased production by Swaddlebees.
All nappies called blueberry have a synthetic fur cover outer and the all in one nappies have absorbent detachable inserts.
So whichever nappy you are interested in or wish to review please comment here and let us know which type you have tried.


Mandy said...

A gorgeous 'show off' nappy which I always put on my baby when I am going out.
The fabric is so soft and there are a great choice of designs.
I like that it is a onesize nappy and should last Oscar until potty training. The nappy looks big enough to last until he is bigger, although it is a bit bulky on a small baby.
I find it doesn't last as long as my motherease with a wrap and I change him more often or there can be leaks.
I am saving for some more, wish the were a bit more affordable.

Baby Birth Announcement said...

I've enjoyed reading this blog and its content so much :)

Screaming Green said...

Definitely a posh nappy but good value for money. Especially now there are lots of considerably cheaper minky pocket nappies available on ebay etc. You really do get what you pay for with the blueberry nappies.

New Age Nappies said...

There are so many cloth nappies out there how can you choose one to review.