Itti Bitti

An all in one with removable absorbent inserts which popper into a fur-covered waterproof outer wrap or cover. Three sizes: Small Med Large.


Kyromaniac said...

I got some of these for my girl when she was five months old and I love them!! I really wish I had found them sooner because I would like to have a complete set of them. No leaks, quick drying, easy to assemble (and you don't need to disassemble for washing/drying). They are super-trim, very close to the same size as a disposable. And they look super-cute and feel great!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maisie,
great idea, I have been looking for somewhere to get information about different sorts of nappies. Is the idea that you post a description, and readers post their reviews as comments?

The Itti Bitti d'lish actually come in two styles - snap in inserts, or true all-in-one (sewn-in inserts). I find the snap-in ones better as they take less time to dry, are slightly more absorbent, and you can swap the inserts over and re-use the outer (if it's clean!)
The fit: Both styles are front-snapping, narrow-crotch and low-rise. They are designed to sit below baby's tummy, on the hips.
Potential dowsides:
No choice of closure - only front-snapping, so not as adjustable as hook'n'loop or side snapping.
The small size is very small, so most bubs probably wouldn't get much wear out of it - but they are brilliant for petite babies who don't yet fit OSFA nappies.
What I love:
They are remarkably absorbent for their size, look and feel lovely and are reasonably priced.

Jess from Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

Tried the Itti Bitti Tutto and haven't got on with it very well.
The sizing is fine on an almost 2 year old, so can't complain about the sizing.
The absorbency is fine, although I find for a high absorbency level the stuffing became quite bulky to avoid leakage.
I do find the bum very baggy and also have trouble with getting a good fit, the wings come down over my son's thighs.
I passed the nappy on to a friend with a young baby and they found the nappy bulky, but absorbent. The leg gussets worked quite well, but not on bf poo.
Overall this is a five out of ten for me and quite expensive.

Anonymous said...

I used the Itti Bitti D'Lish Nappies on my bub when he was 2mths old after hearing they were the best nappies available, and didn't really like them, they came in lots of different colours which is good for choice!

I tried both the AIO and Snap In versions, I didnt really find them very absorbent for my power wee boy.

I also found that the fit was VERY trim, low and tiny. I do think that they were too low for my bub, they were so low at the back I found it didn't cover my son's whole bottom (his bottom hung out which kind of created a fountain up the back).

I hate being negative, so having said this, a lot of people rave about ittis, so maybe I am just the odd one out...

Shanna said...

Itti's have been my most favourite most trusty nappy so far!
I find the Snap in one is more absorbent then the all in one and I add a booster to all nappies.
I love how the nappies are super trim and very absorbent, I have started getting the tuttos because I want a nappy that can be recycled and used on the next baby right from birth HOWEVER it is a bit baggier and on my 2 yr old son I cant quite get the sizing right but I will persevere.