Nature Babies Big Softee

Stuffable, fleece lined nappy which fits birth to potty. The nappy is secured by a nappy nippa or poppers.


EllieC said...

Tried this on my 2 week old baby and found it quite bulky. I didn't put anything inside so it couldn't have been any thinner or slimmer than it was.
I think this would be a better nappy for a larger baby and I plan to keep it for later and will review it again.
I have the poppers version and it is simple to use even for a begginner like me. I like the idea of being able to put more absorbent material inside.
I do recommend a Sandy's nappy for a newborn they are gorgeus.

Kyromaniac said...

Hi Maisie,
I love your blog! It's such a good idea. But sorry for posting this here as I couldn't find another way to contact you. I actually find it a little bit difficult to navigate as there is no search box at the top (even though it says there should be). I'd find it quite useful if you added the labels gadget to the sidebar, that way people could find the types of nappies that they're looking for.