Clwt Twt and Clwt Twt Bambw

My son at 16 months, being forced to do some modelling. He is wearing a blue cotton terry velcro/aplix Clwt Twt.

Check out the Clwt-Twt in 'The Green Parent' magazine - running a nappy article in their Spring edition.


Maisiemog said...

These Welsh nappies come in lots of colours so you could have a different colour for every change.
I find them very absorbent, but still compact, more slim than a cotton tots, probably not quite as absorbent, but last a good few hours during the day.
The fit is very good and holds in the poop well with no baggy motherease bum.
As you can see from the photo the rise is quite low, they fit my 16 month old very well, I don't know if he would make it to potty in the rise, but I could be wrong. It would be interesting to hear from people with older/bigger babies, to see how they got on with the fit.
Overall a bargain nappy, nicely made and does the job.
My only criticism would be the fold up booster on my nappy is fraying a little, as the cloth edges have been left raw, but I don' think it will affect the nappy's performance and the outside is very well made.

wulfricsmummy said...

Posted: Sat Apr 01, 2006 7:49 pm Post subject:


And a review of the clwt twts now I've got them:

advantages: great colours, especially the red and mid blue. Nice nappy, similar to tots bots but a bit slimmer fitting.

disadvantages: you can guess what DH calls them. And there isn't a nice bright yellow or orange colour available yet!

Anonymous said...

Lovely nappy, well made with a good fit, slimmer than tots, contains newborn explosive bf poo very well!! Reasonably priced, lovely colours, I'll be getting more :-)

Anonymous said...

we like these! very cute, a bit slimmer than tots but just as absorbent and dont seem to go as crunchy in the wash.

Anonymous said...

Have recently got some of these and like them a lot. Not sure how long they will last for size as DD is only 8 months, but hopefully for a while. And I love the colours!

CorrieDale said...

This is a lovely nappy! Very slim fitting - narrow in the crotch, and lovely long terry. And the colours are fabulous.

IyeImade said...


This is my little girl in her bamboo Clwt Twt and matching wipe! Over the moon with the quality and fit of this nappy (lovely and trim) and will certainly be buying more in the future.

The nappy and service are both highly recommended by me and my daughter!

Anonymous said...

I bought 5 of these as "small to potty" but found the rise too low to last longer than 9months on my slightly larger than average baby; other than that they were great, slim fitting and absorbant.

Anonymous said...

I bought one of these nappies on Ebay before my baby was born and they have been very good so far. He has had leaks because he is bf, and I think very slimline nappies are not ideal for young babies.
The nappy is very easy to use, easy to fasten and to get a good fit. The fabric is slim but still very absorbent.
Nice nappy especially after a few months of age.

Anonymous said...

We have a few Clwt Twt bambws they are a really soft absorbant nappy great for long trips and over night. Suprisingly trim fitting for how absorbant they are. The top layer is teryy in loads of different colours. a nippa will really hold these snugg!! I'm really looking forward to the launch of the website so I can see the other colours, I ordered directly from Suki. Fantastic quick service with a personal touch. A really lovely nappy.

Eleanor Jamieson said...

Bought one of these nappies second hand and it seems a nice nappy, like a slim tots bots.
We also do have tots which I like, but these are very cute on and more suitable for daytimes.
My main criticism is that they don't keep the pooh in as well as tots, we have had a few leaks from around the legs, but this is the downside of a slim nappy.
You can't have it all can you?
My version is aplix, and the fold back tabs work really well, no snagging in the machine. I would probably recommend a nippa version if you want to leave the nappy uncovered at home, as babies do take off aplix nappies, which is horrid.

Anonymous said...

fab nappy eas to use and have a great absorbancy!

Anonymous said...

Have Clwt Twt Bambw.

Very, very good absorbancy expecially when attached booster folded into 3'rds for my little boy.

Size is not compromised, as the nappy is very slim-fitting and is a wonderful choice when choosing a nappy that will work with more fitted clothes.

Large range of colours as terry outer. Good nippa'd fit. The tabs are quite long which make for a wider range of fittings, although rise is not overly generous in the size 2 nappy.

Very soft, attractive nappy, one which I recommend highly.

freyasmummy said...

These are my OH's favourite nappies - for a man, he's handy with a nippa! They're fab - very absorbent (we have the bambw versions with terry outer) yet slim. I'm surprised to read comments about issues with the rise as Freya is very thin and long and we have rise issues with some nappies but our clwts are a really nice length on her!

Anonymous said...

We have had these in bamboo and terry for over 6 months now. We found that the rise on them is VERY LOW, even on a tiny 6 month old, and unusable on a small 12 month old. Aparently the design has changed since then and the rise is bigger which is essential. It is unfortunate that for a BTP nappy, we couldn't use it on our small child beyond 12 months of age.

The nappy is fairly trim, but I still don't find it that trim, for example our baby beehinds are trimmer.

On the plus side, the nappy is very absorbant and reliable.

Anonymous said...

found these more absorbent than tots and slimmer, but don't hold the poo in so well

Marie said...

I have a Clwt Twt Bambw which I bought pre-loved. It was sold as a large but as it is only sightly larger than my size 1 tots bots I'm assuming that it is a medium (otherwise I would have to say that the sizing is not very generous). Having said that it is a lovely nappy and very good quality. The absorbency is great and the nappy very slimline. I have a nippa version and I would like to see the tabs a little longer to make nippa-ing easier and to allow for greater adjustment.

Anonymous said...

very absorbant nappy and a good fit.

i used my tumble drier once on a low setting and it was the only one to shrink. also they took so long to dry (about 3 days). unfortunately i had to give up on them.

lucyandtwo said...

I love these nappies, they are really absorbant and a great fit. My LO has worn them from birth and even at 17lbs she's still fitting in the first size really well. I managed to pick up some second hand in the next size up which I can't wait to try as the fabric is lovely!

Anonymous said...

pretty and simple nappies, well made too.

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