An 18 month old model wearing bumGenius (not bumgenious :o) )in grasshopper on the largest setting.


inca said...

got my Bum-Genius from the US
So here is the review.
First - I am not a pocket person. I do have some Happy Heinys that my DP loves and I use because they look cute - but love - nope - save my loving for my all natural fitteds
Second - I am not a fleece person. I think the fabric - and its other artificial cousins such as suedecloth - are greatly overrated. I dont like touching it and prefer pure cotton any day.

THat being said I still went ahead and ordered 2 Bum-Genius from the US - simply because all the reviews were so good.

My first impression was that it is very thin. The outer layer is some sort of plastic and has a bit of a "hospital" feel to it. But it is very thin and very flexible and soft. The inner suedecloth is as soft as I personally expect an artificial fabric to be and thin too. So the diaper is very slim and that makes it no problem to adjust the size to small cause even when you fold the diaper it is hardly thicker than it is in one layer. It is all so soft, flexible and thin that it can be rolled up and fit inside a hand.

Ihave used it twice on my son - and the fit is good. The microfibre soaker-pad comes with the nappy and I think that is good - I dont like how you have to purchase seperate boosters to go with a particular nappy. The soakerpad is thick microfibre and seems very absorbant to me - but I HATE to touch it. It sticks to the skin and is all yucky Not that it matters much because it is inside the pocket - but it is a pain to stuff the nappy because I have to touch the microfibre..

This is a slimfitting pocket - and the second time my son wore it he had a major softy-poop. But not a single drop had come outside the diaper and the containment was very very good. Being a pocket you can boost the nappy as much as needed but I think the microfibre soaker can deal with quite a lot. I think you would only need to boost overnight.

What I dont like about this diaper is I dont think it feels very breathable. The outer layer being all plastic-like and the leg and back elastication that protects against poop leaves no room to breathe - but I guess if it did then it wouldnt hold in the poop very well now would it

It seems to actually be a onesize and to actually fit many different sizes. I have not tried it in a smaller setting though..

So if you are into pockets, microfibre and suedecloth this is an excellent nappy. Containment is great, absorbancy great, fit great and it is very soft. Recommended for all pocket-fans. Just dont expect any cuteness-factor. This is NOT a cute nappy - period!

I bought it from http://www.jilliansdrawers.com/ and got great service and reasonable shippingcosts.

Anonymous said...

Well my HH and FB's leak so badly I've been sticking wraps over them for the last 3 months, swaddlebees I find wick as badly as printed HHs and I loathe the fit of magicalls....so I ordered two of these and THEY ARE THE BEST THING EVER!

Fabby fit, strectchy tabs.
Don't leak (done 4 hours no leaks so far, poop and wee)
Come with their own custom fit insert
Do seem to be genuinley one size
Stay dry suedecloth

...they are boring white but my son wears clothes over his nappy so I don't care. Colours available from the manufacturers mid April.

There are UK resellers stocking these including www.thenaturalbabyresource.co.uk and poss others coming on line with them.

THEY ROCK! I have ten on order and have sold off most of my other nappies to fund the purchase.

Anonymous said...

This is my 1st pocket nappy, was so looking forward to trying it out. I was a bit disappointed when it arrived. I'm not sure I like the outer fabric,'silky' is definately not the word that I would use to describe it, more 'plasticky' I think.

I never realized that I actually perefer all natural materials until I own this nappy.

The material aside, this nappy is really good though if you're looking for something as 'near' to disposable as possible. Put this on DS (17 weeks), fits him really well, it's really adjustable, was gonna see how long this would last on him, but he did #2 within 2 hrs of wearing it lol,brilliant containment!! Cope with his very explosive BF poo really well.

If you're looking for one size, slim pocket nappy, this is for you, but definately not if you prefer all natural materials. It didn't 'feel' breathable either. I know it can't be 'breathable' if it's gonna be waterproof but ohh well you know what I mean :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this nappy. A true onesize, excellent breast fed poo containment, best pocket nappy around.

The insert is very very absorbent, this nappy is the only nappy that does both my newborn and my toddler really well. Very very slim fitting.

Expensive - but really well made and well worth the money. Cannot wait until the colours get here.

Only found it at one uk site so far - the natural baby resource.

chipmonkey said...

There are positives and negatives to this nappy.
Positives: 1. It is very like a disposable in the design which for me is a plus as baby is in a nursery on the days I work and they have had some mix-ups where they tried to fasten Wonderoos like fuzzi bunz and vice-versa. The applix on this one makes it very obvious how to use it.
2. The inner suedecloth is beautifully soft.
3. It is lovely and thin so ds can wear his "skinny" clothes!
4. Seems to be a true "birth-to-potty" nappy. Ds is 18 months and there is still plenty of room left.

Negatives: 1. Horrible outer cover! Much prefer the soft cover on fuzzi-bunz.
2. Very limited colours available. I have one white and one blue. The blue is nice but these are not for the style-conscious baby!

All in all a very good nappy and I will be buying more, most likely to replace the wonderoos I have fallen out of love with.

Anonymous said...

testing testing

Christa said...

bumGenius is being revamped this month, with new colours and PUL instead of nylon outer so I hear

I quite like them, they're not fantastic, but the containment is good and I do like the tabs.

Anonymous said...

Bumgenius have indeed ben revamped and now have softer more "fuzzi-like" covers. They now come in white plus 4 other colours: grasshopper green, twilight blue, butternut yellow and blossom pink. They are still the best one-size pocket nappy out there.

Anonymous said...

I bought 15 of these before my daughter was born and was worried when i read some of the comments, however, i have been really pleased with them since we started using them, i actualy like the feel of the 'silky' outter and it means her clothes slip on nicely, excellent containment and very absorbant! These were my first try at cloth nappies and im very pleased...will be ordering more i think!!

Oh and these just fit my Daughter at 8lbs.

Nicola said...

I love this pocket nappy. Fab fit, washes lovely, funky bright colour. I bought it in the UK and it's one of the most expensive i have purchased but i know i will get another one, i am that impressed with it.

Anonymous said...
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Marie said...

I love my bumgenius nappies. I have 2 (blue and white) and would definitely buy more (despite the price). I have not had a single leak yet and DS has had a couple of lengthy naps whilst wearing one. I just can't fault the performance of this nappy. If only there were more colours or some nice prints to make this a show-off nappy and a performance nappy (I guess you just can't have it all!).

SJ said...

I bought 1 bumgenius after reading all the great reviews.

I was very impressed with the design, fit, etc.

However, the velcro is not sticky enough. Many times, it just becomes undone on its own.

Secondly, it recently leaked when DD had a dirty nappy.

So um, it's not a favourite in any way and I won't be buying another.

mumlollipop said...

Love them,
Great fit, great absorbancy (never had a leak even after an unexpected nap), they look nice and wash and dry really well. I do have it on the largest setting for my average 8 month old though so not sure how long they will last - time will tell. DH loves them and If they were not so expensive I would buy lots and lots!

Anonymous said...

I bought 3 of the V.2 when stockists were liquidating at 1/2 price to make room for the new v.3 - I got them for my husband to use since he can't be bothered with the two part nappies I use myself (I use bamboozles covered by motherease airflows). I LOVE THESE!! I immediately went back and bought 5 more v.2s in pink (all that was left of the v.2s) despite the fact that I have a little boy.
I find they are excellent at containment, absorbancy, they are super slim fitting, and the suedecloth is so soft and really does feel dry even when the nappy is soaked inside. Changing is so quick and easy, plus you can just stuff them with extra if using at night for a heavy wetter.
My son was 4 months when I first tried them, so can't comment on fit for a newborn, but it seems they would fit well even from a very young age - especially now that the new v.3 will be sold with a smaller newborn insert.
To anyone just looking at starting up their collection: They may cost more initially, but these are FABULOUS and well worth it!!

Anonymous said...

Still really like this. Left a comment months ago so thought i'd add that we still get on great with it and very very rarely had leaks from it.

mum-of-3 said...

Very nice pocket nappy really good from birth to (probably?) potty, my baby is only 6 months but I suspect it'll fit til the end..?

the inserts that come with it are great and absorbant and all dry very quickly. The suedecloth also doesn't stain! I fold the smaller insert to have more at the front for my baby boy as he wets at the front. Recommended and good value for money I think as it's B2P

Anonymous said...

Everyone talks about how great they are, and how much they absorb, but my little one had a terrible rush after using them for a couple of days. maybe cause I didn't wash them properly? , or because the whether was too hot and the platic of the outer fit caused an excessive sweating? I soon as I realised that his cute little bum stayed always wet I stopped using them. Now I'm still treating that rush and I had to put the diapers in the draw ( I hope not for good!) while waiting to understand what went wrong! They cost me so much money and Im so disappointed! Has anyone out there had the same problem with wet bums or rush? Aren't bums suppose to stay dry or what??? Please help!

Silvia (Italy)

Anonymous said...

We have 3.0s and we love them! They're quick to dry. They're slim fitting. We've used them since birth (7 pounds) and they've been fantastic.

The only problem is that now, at 3 months, my DD seems to need a more absorbent insert than the infant insert that ships with the diaper. They also ship a large insert, but it seems too big. We need something in the middle.

For us, the velcro is great. I love the flexibility that you get with it as compared to diapers with snaps. Only problem is my husband never remembers to attach the tabs to the laundering patch, which means that I need to check each diaper before doing the laundry. Oh well. I'm still working on him! But even he loves these diapers.

Anonymous said...

Very pleased with 3.0's, they fit well, easily adjustable and no leaks so far, even overnight. Have been using on my son since he was 5 months old. As close to a disposable as I have found so very easy to launder and they dry overnight in an airing cupboard so no extra tumble drying costs. I have 15 and wash a load every other day, could probably have got by with about 12 given they dry so easily. Only negatives I have found is that they were a bit bulky when my son was learing to sit up and was still a bit wobbly, I felt they hindered him a bit in this and he has also had a bit of nappy rash just after I started using, but this also coincided with teething and introducing solids so may not be the nappies' fault, in any event I now use a barrier cream to protect and change the nappies at least every 2-3 hours except overnight. I was reluctant to use washable nappies because of the hard work factor but my conscience got the better of me and I have found these much easier to deal with than I expected.

fgeegf said...

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Anonymous said...

I bought 14 v2's when they were selling them off just before the v3's came in, when my littl'un was 4 months old. I've been very happy with them overall - not always catching those explosive or larger poos (especially on a slim leggy littl'un!), I'm not sure anything would with her!
Have also used them with muslin stuffed in too - very adaptable.
Have also tried the slinki minkis and liked them whilst they fitted, OneLife was good until recently and now the poppers leave marks on her skin, however have found the BG's to fit better from 4 months and still fit now at 19 months. Only issue is slight nappy rash (spot or 2 or a bit of redness) if a wet one is left on for a bit long (can't leave on for longer than 4 hours).
I would highly reccommend them as a birth to potty system.

The Cloth Nappy said...

Bumgenius pocket nappies are made in Egypt and the US. They come with an absorbent cotton babies microfibre insert. The cloth nappy features a stretch-to-fit tab and the soft sueded inner fabric draws moisture away from your baby's skin.
These fitted cloth nappies are a one size fits all design to suit newborns to toddlers. As your baby grows you just need to adjust the height of the nappy with the three rows of snap downs on the front of the nappy. You won't need to use a nappy cover with these nappies. The nappies are machine washable and dryer safe (low to medium heat). Bumgenius nappies come in a range of solid colours.
I found that the Bumgenius One-size Pocket Nappy design draws moisture away from your baby and are highly absorbent. They are a slim fitting pocket nappy and dry quickly after washing. I found I needed an extra booster overnight however being a pocket nappy it is easy to add an extra booster.