Swaddlebees Nappies - Pocket & Fitted

Swaddlebees PUL pocket nappies
& Swaddlebees fitted hemp & cotton velour/ terry nappies.


Anonymous said...

Super slim, super trim pocket nappy with lovely soft microfleece lining. Fab as a show off nappy, neater than a disposable and a great fit on slimmer babies. Stuff with a swaddlebees hemp insert or a couple of folded microfibre cloths. Lasts around 2-3hrs on a medium wetter. No good for very heavy wetters or power wee'ers. Watch out for pressure wicking around the leg casing, it can be a real problem with this nappy!

Anonymous said...

Swaddlebees VELOUR FITTED are fabulous, soft nappies with a hemp and cotton mix fabric inside and a velour organic cotton fabri inside and outside next to baby's skin. They fit beautifully, are very slim, and are the only nappy I have tried that will last for more than 4 hours without any boosting! If I had the money I would sell all my nappies and only use these!

Anonymous said...

I just love the luxury of these nappies they perform well and are great for my son who is racing around the place. I splashed out and have 5 in my nappy collection think that they are well worth the extra cash

Anonymous said...

pocket + hemp equalled leaks galore for me.
Awful wicking, had to be wrapped or chagned every half hour.

can't comment on the fitteds.

Inca said...

I have two Swaddlebee fitteds. One velour fitted and one cotton terry fitted. The velour one is very soft to touch and a very good fit. The fit of the velour nappy is slightly slimmer than the terry one but both nappies have a great fit. The terry fitted is not as soft as the velour but still both of these nappies are among my probably 4-5 all-time favourite nappies - and my stash is now on the scary side of 50.. The only fitteds that I love more are my wahm-made ones. Highly recommended and well worth the extra cost.

Anonymous said...

- Oh and I should add that so far I have never had a leak with any of these nappies. They are extremely absorbant for the size and the velour though not stay-dry still feels very comfy even when wet.

Anonymous said...

Awful nappy - only last my boy 1 hour before leaking!! Very disappointing, if you want to change your nappies every hour this is the way to go, but that's just not for me.

CorrieDale said...

I thought this pocket nappy did the job. It's nice and slim so I can slip a couple into the changing bag without feeling overburdened - which was why I bought them. It lasted my slim medium-wetting 11 month old for about 3 hours. Which I thought was just fine. I wouldn't use them on a regular basis, but as a short-term out and about nappy, it was great.

suki said...

I have a hemp/organic cotton velour pocket Swaddlbees and I love it! It
looks small when it has shrunk to size, and it is the only size large
that fits my son, he's usually medium, but there is plenty of room to
grow. It has stayed soft and I've never had any leaks. I boost with
bamboo and it will easily last through the night. It's slim between the
legs, which is good because many nappies rub my son and become very
uncomfortable because of their width there. All in all I think this is
a very good and comfortable nappy!

Anonymous said...

The Swaddlebees organic velour nappies are BRILLIANT. Can't recommend them enough. I have both the multi-size ones and the one-size ones. The multi-size ones are amazingly slim yet still absorbant. The one- size nappy is slightly less slim fitting but still very very trim compared to some other nappies and is also very absorbant. This option is much more economical than the multi-sized nappies as the nappies are a bit pricey (their only downside). The fit of both types of nappy is very comfortable on my 4 month old.

Anonymous said...

I have a Swaddlebee OV, 2 btp and 2 pocket and I love them all.

The swaddlebee OV is trim fitting on my LO who was premature and it lasts fine between feeds when I change her so lasts about 3 hours or so.

The pocket ones are my faves so far. They are very trim and as I bought mine without the inserts I have used 2 microfibre cloths folded into 4, so I end up with 8 layers and again that lasts fine. These look great under dresses as they are very cute and the fleece liner is really soft and cleans up really well.

I haven't used the BTP ones yet as LO is really small and they would drown her, but I am looking forward to trying them.

Marie said...

I have the old-style velcro pocket swaddlebees. This nappy is slim, neat and (once stuffed) easy to use. However, I can only get around 2 hours use out of it before it starts wicking around the legs. I would describe my DS as a medium-wetter so I don't suppose this nappy would be all that suitable for a heavy-wetter and it will be interesting to see how this nappy performs once DS is older and wets more heavily (he is already in a large at 4.5 months so I can't go up a size to get a better performance). Great changing bag nappy and nice under clothes when it's the clothes you want to show-off rather than the nappy.

Jennie said...

I used the newborn ocv and it was lovely as a ´special´ nappy as it was so slim fitting and cute, so much so that it seemed a shame to cover it up with a wrap. I wouldn´t base my collection on these but they are really gorgeous and worth having just one even just to coo over!

Also recently tried the side poppering pocket and really liked it althout I wasn´t sure it would work on my heavy wetting son after the reviews I had heard. I was pleasantly surprised and it does last 3 hours easily. However he´s at the bottom of the weight range so not sure if it will suit as well all the way through. Also, swaddlebees´ sizes seem on the small side, he outgrew the ocv so fast I´m not sure if the same will happen with the pocket.

Overall really cute, slim nappies but the price might not be to everyone´s taste.

Anonymous said...

we are using the medium size all in one pocket swaddlebees on my 18lb 1 year old and love them. we did have an issue with an older style being sold cheaper on the internet as they leaked but this was down to design - as long as you get the newer style ones they are fine. my daughter is short with chunky thighs and these suit her well. we do need to change them every three hours or so and have not used them at night and i would say she is a medium wetter. she walks amnd crawls well in them. a little pricy compared to others but i love the ease of not having the outers - would recommend

Anonymous said...

I ordered a small swaddlebees side snap pocket nappy because they were so slim fitting, but my 11pound 6 week old daughter leaks in them after an hour. She's on the medium set of snaps so hasn't outgrown it. A lot of wicking around the legs, very quickly. I think she's quite a heavy wetter though.

I would say this is great as a special occasion nappy if you want to show off a pretty, slim fitting cloth bottom for a short time, but not great for every day use.

mum-of-3 said...

I have the following:
Swaddlebess organic cotton velour pockets, organic cotton velour pocket shaped nappy (that requires a cover!) and a organic cotton velour fitted nappy.

Firstly, the velour pocket is very slim fitting and sits nicely on my baby boy bu I find it difficult to stuff it with its' own microfibre insert and it has leaked few times with it. Swaddlebees hemp insert is a lot nicer.

the velour pocket shaped nappy that needs a cover is lovely and very quick drying as the inserts are taken out and washed&dried separately. velour is a lovely soft material.

the velour shaped/fitted nappy is lovely too with 2 hemp-jersey booster pads and very absorbant.

With the shaped nappies I like to use swaddlebees merino wool wraps. sits very nicely on my baby!
highly recommended!

Anonymous said...

just bought new swaddlebees EcoNappi and oh my gosh they are lush! i hate pockets as they useually have horrible fleece liners so had a couple of the sized swaddlebees but couldnt boost them enough for my very heavy night wetters. these however are like bumgenius only better! same fit but lovely organic cotton next to skin. the booster is great for daytime and with a microfleece under has seen my 2yr old through the night without leaks. very pleased and buying more whilst they are on offer at babykind!!
E&C mommy

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