Nappy Bags

Your favourite changing bag and why.


Anonymous said...

The Skip Hop Duo is fab!! Plenty of pockets for all essentials, nice size - not too big, not too small and best of all attaches to buggy handles securely and doesn't tip the buggy:-)

I've had loads of changing bags and this one is easily my favourite, I can't praise it enough!!!

Maisiemog said...

I have tried a couple of different bags. The Tomy backpack is the main one, the pros include a changing mat attached to the side, which can be undone with one hand, which is pretty handy. The side pockets are both cool pockets, although I never carry anything that requires this. One of the pockets has a drawstring top, I find this very useful for beakers as it holds them upright and they don't fall out if the bag is anything other than vertical.
There is a useful pocket inside for used nappies. It is a backpack so easier to carry than a bag, and allows you to use the underpram pannier for shopping and stuff.
The cons are that it is like a black hole and things just disappear into it, so finding creams etc can be a pain if you didn't put them in the side pocket. It doesn't look very attractive. The pockets aren't that big.
It's a good nappy bag for shopping trips, perhaps not long hauls.

Anonymous said...

I was seduced by the nice colours and patterns of the Kecci Shanghai bags, and bought one on sale... now wondering if I should have got something more practical? Haven't assessed it in action yet as no baby yet (still second trimester!)
Anyone used one?

spugs said...

i use a stinki minki bag when im omly out for a couple of hours, really nice bright colours and comes with 10 matching wipes. fab

Anonymous said...

I found OiOi changing bags to be both practical and very stylish!! I am going to have trouble ditching it at the end of our relationship as the HOBO bag I have makes an excellent handbag too! Expensive but Well Worth it!

Anonymous said...

I have a Diaper Dude bag - it's brilliant - and not too pricey, I tried a few others including the expensive JuJu Bebe (which I really didn't like! The Diaper Dude has plenty of pockets on the outside for reuseable wipes etc, lots of space inside - great for a cloth baby!

Anonymous said...

i've had 2 baby innovations bags, the rucsack and the messanger shaped back - they're fab - loads of pockets, zips etc and stylish too. it comes with a changing mat which has little zip pockets and a separate soiled nappy bag - which is great for a soiled washable nappy (only one mind) also insulated pockets for milk (or in our breasfeeding case just for storing nappies

loved my first one (rucksack) so much that bought another one for my third baby (it got a bit battered with the first two)

HB got it from wholesale first time and i got it from ebay second time round

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Katy said...

Definately the OiOi range - I think mine is a Hobo bag - there are a few whacky prints on offer. All the necessary pockets and accessories inside - def worth the price tag!