Bear Behinds

This is my son when he was 6 months old, wearing a large leopard effect Bear Behinds stuffable nappy


Anonymous said...

Bearbehinds stuffable animal prints.

Microfleece inner, 'fur' outer nice and dry and showy.

Pocket at the back closes very well when nappy is fastened no matter how overstuffed.

Anonymous said...

Bear Behinds

Good pocket nappy, they look good and are up to the job - however I think you have to wash it at 40 (?? let me know if I am wrong). slimmer than the minki pockets.

Anonymous said...

Bear behinds- a good show off nappy. One of the few pocket nappies that works well for us, slimmer than many WAHM pocket nappies made of fleece due to inner microfleece and outer short piled fur fabric both being thin

just me said...

Bear Behinds are DHs current favourite pocket nappy. He wishes our whole stash was made up of them as he loves the 5 different patterns you can get and the fact that they are very easy to stuff.

They can be washed at 60 without doing and damage to them (at least that I can see) and they hold up well to my son trying to rip them off. I have the popper version but you can get them in aplix closure aswell.

DS is wearing larges @ 34lbs and his outer poppers fasten at the loosest setting, but that's cause he's got huge thighs. I wish they made them in XL.

haydeecooper said...

Beautifully made, lovely soft & cuddly fabric that doesn't seem to bobble on washing (I put in at 60 with no problems so far!). Plenty of space for easy stuffing.


Short in the rise - gives my tall chunky ds a "builders bum" - obviously not great for containment!

Poppers have come undone twice when used overnight = wet bed! Ds must be very wriggly!

So unfortunately I can only use this beautiful nappy for short periods of daytime show-off.

Maisiemog said...

We have a large tiger bearbehind. It does seem to work better than other pocket nappies I have tried and fits well, although still on the large side for ds.
This is a funny nappy that draws lots of tarzan analogies from people, and it's great for SUmmer.
There is lots of room for growth in this nappy and we are on the centre poppers on both sides.
I do find that a couple of the poppers don't snap that easily, but as there are 8 in total this isn't a real issue.
I would recommend washing this away from other cloth nappies, as the lint really sticks to the outer print and makes it look a bit tatty. I find that combing it actually makes it look nice again. (if you can be bothered) :)

Anonymous said...

A total show off nappy!!

Looks absolutley gorgeous on my baby....

A reliable nappy too, very few leaks and fits well under clothes.
I have a hemp one and also their bamboo fleece nappy, and both are excellent - it is just hard choosing between all their lovely colours!

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