Anonymous said...

I liked the Snugglenaps EasyGro system because the wraps fit for much longer than my Bambino Mio ones & they were lovely and colourful. The fit was neat too.

The fact that they only washed at 40 degrees was a pain, and the cotton tended to wick.

The Snugglenaps birth-potty dries really quickly and fits large toddlers - but is really too big to be considered a newborn nappy in my opinion. The latest ones don't seem to be made of such nice terry as the originals.

Anonymous said...

I really like the snugglenap wrap, the gussets hold any terry in place (not just the matching snugglenaps ones). I get round the 40 thing by using a wet nappy bag for 40 stuff (some pocket nappies, wraps etc) and then have my main 60 bucket. The 40 stuff is generally not pooey (if it is we sluice it off and then it goes in with normal 40 stuff)

SaraSeahorse said...

I love the snuggle naps birth to potty shaped nappy

clever design and now has choice of three fastening methods, aplix, velcro or my personal favourite poppers

It is the largest birth to potty nappy I have seen and I think most children will be toilet trained and out of nappies before they get anywhere near the largest setting rise and width wise!

regarding using as birth sized nappy, it would be easier to use with out the 'extension tongue' and just use with the back piece as a simple nappy with a decent velcro wrpa to hold togther as its the back piece that has the elastication for waist and legs.

quick and easy to dry as it unsnaps into two pieces

my only criticism of the nappy is the snaps and would prefer to see better / slightly larger snaps on it of the same quality seen on nappies such as popolini and tiddlybums

Anonymous said...

The snugglenap birth to potty nappy is a fab nappy, quite quick to dry, easy to use once you get your head around the poppers and very generously cut. Not fantastic on a tiny baby as the legs gape a bit, but my 3 year old is still fitting it just fine so excellent for older children.

julii said...

Tested on 3 children...
I am still using a Snugglenaps Toddlergro (the anti-wicking one) on my 4yo at night, I stuff 2 terries in there & whilst smelly in the morning, no leaks!

I have some easygro ones, too, but as they age I have found the lining deteriorates (perhaps due to abuse below). The aplix/velcro is going on my oldest ones which means I can't stuff a terry into them without leaks, but they still fit well with their own-make nappies inside them.

I wash them as 60 degrees if dirty, hygiene comes first.

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