Wee Wonders

My son in a Large 'Cottoned On', cotton terry wee wonders in Caramelised Oranges colour scheme.


Sarah Hughes said...

Wee Notions (www.weenotions.co.uk) are fabulous...made from microfibre, so are very absorbant, and are perfect for overnight as they are fleece lined. You can adjust the elastic in the legs too....so this makes them super versatile :-) Popper fastening only, and they fit well under most wraps.

Maisiemog said...
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Anonymous said...

Wee notions, my favourite for night time use. Feel and look lovely, keep bottom dry because of fleece inner, stuffed with a prefold and no leaks in the morning.

Just don't forget the wrap!

Anonymous said...

wee notions - fab
I have a few microfleece and the egyption cotton terry nappy and both are great for nighttime, v absorbant - would rival a tots. and such gorgeous colours and prints. shame to cover them with a wrap
I reach for these first!

Anonymous said...

The wee notions microfibre nappy is a lovely nappy with great adjustable leg elastic and good adjustable fitting around the waist. There are buttons as well as poppers if your need them for an escapee toddler but it does up just fine using poppers only.

They are a little narrow under the crotch for my liking as I couldn't get a folded microfibre cloth to stuff inside nicely as it made the nappy too bulky, but with one of the wee wonders microfibre boosters inside it was just fine!

All in all it would be my perfect nappy if it wasn't so expensive! I paid £10 for mine from wee wonders direct and as it needs a wrap as well I think its too expensive in comparison with some of the other great nappies out there at about £8 or £8.50. I don't mind paying extra for an all in one or pocket type nappy but I think the extra cost covers the make to order facility where you can choose your own colours, binding etc, which is nice but you couldn't really justify buying all your nappies from wee wonders at that price!

So all in all an almost perfect nappy except for the price!

Anonymous said...

I love the micro fibre nippa nappies they are so absorbant, soft, well made and unbelievably cute. These are a showing off at playgroup nappy!! Fantastic!

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