Under the Nile Nappies

My son in a velcro Under the Nile nappy in medium, boosted with Tots Terry booster.


Maisiemog said...

We have one Under the Nile velcro nappy, they are more commonly available with poppers I think.
The nappy is made of gorgeous soft terry and is super absorbent and easy to fasten.
It washes well and looks like new every time.
The downside is, it is a medium for which the size range is 15-30lbs and it is huge on my baby at around 20lbs. It is cut very high, which means that even on the cross over setting, it can sag down. We found this meant leaks, as all peepee goes onto the waistband and eventually through the wrap.
It is a bit bulky for day IMO. It would suit a tall, quite chunky baby.

Maisiemog said...

As an addendum - the Under the Nile in the photo is the sized version. There is also a One-Size or birthtopotty nappy made by under the nile, which looks like a Motherease One Size.

Mrs Brown said...

I have had this nappy for more than two years and the aplix is still going strong. It is very absorbent, which means it can sage quite badly when it's been on for a while. The fit does not help the sagging, as it is huge - I have the size two 15lbs upwards and it is enormous.
On the plus side it is super fluffy and has worn incredibly well, possibly as it is not worn as much as my other nappies.

Maisiemog said...

DS is now 13 months and has grown into his Under the Nile a lot better. It still has an odd fit and is very long on the rise and DS is still on the crossover velcro.
I has remained a soft nappy, but has not weathered well and is now very grey and stained, when compared to a white tots of the same age.
Still a good hardwearing nappy though, just not for Sunday best.

Jo said...

We have four of the Under the Nile medium applix nappies and have found they fit a really wide size range - my son is nearly 40lb now (though relatively tall and slim, as he is three). They also fit my very tubby baby daughter well. The applix is brilliant, no deterioration at all after lots of use. We use them mostly at night now for both children, with boosters between the nappy and wrap. Even during the day I would boost them slightly. Ours are a bit crunchy but we have hard water. Their main drawback is being fairly slow drying, but overall they have been a really well-fitting nappy which my mother-in-law can cope with!

Anonymous said...

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