Popolini One Size, Two Size, Multifit, AllinOne, Bravo

European nappies, very similar to Mother-ease range, including two size (similar to Sandy's) the other nappies have the same names as the Mother-ease range.
Bravo is the budget nappy, which differs from Mother-ease.


Anonymous said...

I did enjoy using my popolini ultrafits, but once ds began to wet heavier flannel no longer suited us. Good containment

The boosters are quite good and the nappy has a good ajustablity.

Anonymous said...

The Popolino One-size is a great alternative to the Motherease and One Life.

It is generally much cheaper - even the one with the built in stay dry liner.

If you want a 'one size' lookalike then Popolino is the one to go for imo.

oompah18 said...

Fluffier & more absorbant than ME but the poppers always pop open so easily........ Much cheaper than ME, & I would buy all if it wasn´t for poppers!!!

george&bea'smummy said...

I found the Popolini Bravo nappy quite by accident on Ebay. I had suddenly decided to convert to cloth (with my 10 month old baby) and needed lots of nappies fast!
I found them easy to fit; essential for a cloth novice!! I had been using MEOs until the Bravos arrived, and by comparison the Bravos were as absorbent, and much easier to put on a wriggly baby!
Compared to Tots Bots (which I bought next), I found they were slightly thinner (and therefore less absorbant) than the white and unbleached, but equal to the coloured ones.
Overall I would rate the Bravos as a good, slightly cheaper nappy that maintained their colour and fit well and would definately recommend them."

miranda said...

Here goes with all popolinis nappies:

One Size - In my opinion, better than motherease. Fit birth to potty with a popper closing. Comes complete with a pop in booster as required and an extender is available to add to the rise. Lovely nappy, my choice for nightime.

Ultrafit - Similar to above but a velcro closing. DH's preference and Europe's favourite nappy. The extra is gorgeous in flanalette and extremely quick drying. Well worth the extra pound

Bravo Nappies - Popolini's new budget nappy. This is a terry shaped nappy similar to a Tots Bots. Anyone who has bought these has come back for more so very popular. Quick drying too

Easyfix - The best AIO I have found. Great fit and quick drying too. Have these in my changing bag, along with fuzzis. Never had a leak.

Two Size - This is much thicker than the motherease sandi (so takes longer to dry). When you use this, you know you're child won't be wet in an hour or so, though I found this to be the case with a sandi. I have used this at nightime too.

Anonymous said...

Ultra fit - great and easy to use. the nursery much prefer them to all the others. Now DD is 14 months I just add a booster. Used from 6 ish months and hope they will take me all the way to potty training!

Marie said...

I have the ultrafit and the bravo. The ultrafit is a lovely adjustable nappy which I can see lasting my monster for a good while. It is really absorbent and easy to use (although the booster has gone a bit hard). The bravo is a fantastic budget nappy. I bought these for my MIL who will be minding baby when I return to p/t work. The terry is really soft and the nappy slim and again the sizing is very generous and I can see this nappy lasting until potty training. I think the bravo will need additional boosting once DS is a little older. On the downside I personally find the bravo a pain to adjust down in size as the velcro seems to get in the way no matter how I fold it. I have tried to follow the diagrams but I have given up and have put this nappy aside for when DS is slightly bigger (at the rate he is growing it shouldn't be too long).

Anonymous said...

I've been using popolini one size ultra dry since my baby was 6 weeks old (now whe's 11 months). They are great and very easy to use. I've had to buy some bigger outer wraps now my baby has grown but the nappies are going strong.

Good containment, poppers stay closed (at least so far my baby hasn't worked out how to open them!) and the washing / setting up nappies for the day is a doddle. A friend of mine who uses stuffables on her little boy (not sure which brand) couldn't believe how easy they were to use and so she's converted to Popolini before her twins arrive!!
Good value, easy to use birth to potty nappy.

The Nappyline said...


Probably the best AIO around, with it's new leakguard feature. This just gives that second belt and braces approach you get with a two part system, so it's much better containment than most AIO or even pocket nappies.

Bulkier, but IMO far more reliable than the Motherease AIO.

Anonymous said...

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