My baby in a medium tie-dye Poochies.


Maisiemog said...

I do like Poochies, they look super cute and are the slimmest little nappy. They are definately not for nights, but go on in the day for about 3 hours and do the job.
The outers are adorable, like cuddlebuns, they soak up more than you would think and the wraps are super soft.
The downside, they are really hard to get hold of, only one supplier that I know of in the UK: banana babies.
They are also pricey a large is £9.50 and my ds is between medium and large at around 19lbs.

Anonymous said...

They aren't very absorbant ds can't wear them anywhere near 3 hrs more like 1 and a half. poppered nappies don't seem to suit us they seems to fit to low on his chunky legs.

Maisiemog said...

I have to add that this is one of the few nappies that can contain my 11 months old son's poop well. They are slim fitting, and may only last a couple of hours, but it is easy to pop a slim booster in the wrap and they last a good few hours.
I find a tots three layer booster fits perfectly inside a poochies, or just inside the wrap (we currently use medium cotton bottoms wraps) and we can go shopping for few hours knowing there will be no leaks.
The Poochies wraps are very nice as well, and large, they are a bit puffy under his clothes, but gentle elastic on his legs is great.
The PUL only ones are the most reliable.

mandy said...

I have a lovely poochies blues cluesflannel outer/pink fleece ineer in a large. It has fitted for ever because the tabs with the poppers are very long. it does not last as long as my sandys, but I like it for under next clothes which are very slim cut.

Anonymous said...

These are a really nice trim nappy. I think they are pretty absorbant for the trimness. I like the softness of the material. I had one from banana babes but now they are temporarily closed. I've been hunting high and low for poochies managed to get one on ebay. We need more poochies!!!

Anonymous said...

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