Other Nappies - Please tell me, so I can add them.

You know, those other nappies that you have tried, perhaps less well known or downright obscure brands. Write a review and I will try to create new categories for any nappies that I have omitted.


SaraSeahorse said...

Sugar Peas are fantastic hemp nappies with a snap in booster and are very stretchy on elastic and I get a lovely fit with them on my long toddler
but they also have two rows of poppers to get good fit on smaller child (you can fold down front and fasten on lower set of poppers

there is secodn set of poppers on insde to give choice of two positions for snap in booster

very stretchy so fits good size range I have size 2 which is designed for 18-38lbs

uk source of these is www.cuddlebabes.co.uk

I prefer these to ellas house hemp nappies (not to be confused with bumhuggers which is my favourite choice for night)

Anonymous said...

Babeco - I bought one of these from ebay and it is a bamboo nappy with a fleece inner and pocket that you stuff the booster into. They claim to be the original bamboo nappy? I do like it but have found that the bamboo fabric is not as soft as the Tots Bamboozle and it is rather narrow in the pouch area so hard to get the booster in. A nice nappy but more expensive than the Tots although the money does go to a project supporting disadvantaged women who make them.

mummymel said...

Hemp Honeys are an Aussie nappy available from Baby BeeHinds.com.au. They fit from 4-15kg, and have a long snap in booster as well as a mini booster that you can play around with to get the layers where you need them most. Great for us as a night time nappy as they are a blend of hemp and cotton, so very absorbant, we've lasted 8+ hrs overnight with a good cover. Quite neat and trim on my averaged sized 6 mth DS, and a beautiful looking nappy :)

Anonymous said...

I sorry but you have forgotten to mention nappies and wraps and embroidered pocket wraps from cpahandcrafts. they are lovely and no one seems to mention them, they are great and a low prices as well.
obviously no one mentions because so cheap, people fget put off because of price, they are not cheap and nasty, they are value for money.
and a very nice lady called caroline makes them, very approachable if you want something made special.

WaggerMama said...

Can mention Wam-bamboo by Geobel, we've been trialing one and it's a lovely sofft nappy with extra long tabs and a detached booster so the nappy can make a very slim small or a well boosted toddler nappy.

Anonymous said...

Weenotion - I have only just bought one and not tried it yet but will add review when I have.


Anonymous said...

Easy peasy nappies! I have a bimble and I love it - bit small so will get the size 2 and fold it over to last birth-potty. Soft, VERY quick drying, fleece lining attached, easy to boost, cute!
oh, and very cheap!

Anonymous said...

Kushies Classic. Easy to use and last well, though you do have to pad them with extra (cloth) boosters liners as they get older. I've used them for almost 2 years now. I find they last 1.5 to 3 hours in the day, and at night I use them with a booster liner and the Kushies outer wraps. We're now at the potty training stage and I've also started using the kushies pull ups, definitely good for the early stages as they are all in one (with the outer wrap bit), but do take longer to dry than the classic nappies (but doesn't bother me as I still mostly use the nappies).

Anonymous said...

I am looking for reviews and comments on Time2change a birth to potty bamboo nappy (with aplix) any suggestions.

Maisiemog said...

Hi there,
could you email me on maisiemog@gmail.com to let me know about the time2change nappy. I am happy to set up a new category for this nappy.

Anonymous said...

Lollipop bamboo nappy is brilliant. Better than the tots bots bamboozle as it dries quicker and the material seems to stay nicer for longer. Nicely slim fitting and very absorbent too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I recommend cotton Nap-naps from New Zealand, found at www.naturalparenting.co.nz

One size fits from birth to toilet training, they're slim-fitting and (because it rains a lot down here) they're designed to dry well. They're also REALLY cute.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to read reviews of Disana tie-on organic cotton nappies. I'm thinking of getting some for my new baby. Can anyone shed light on them for me?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a review on Pocket Bots? I want to try them out but would like to hear about them first!

Marie said...

I'm testing a Pocket Bots at the moment (bought mine from ebay). Used once so far and seems good. I used a nature babies microfibre insert. Bought size large which is really generous for a pocket nappy (so will actually be able to bid on a medium in future). Poppers allow for enough adjustment so that I can use a large on my 18lb 4.5month old, but I think medium would be the ideal fit. I don't have a fuzzi bunz myself but I think this nappy looks a bit like one but the triangular wings are in reverse (if that makes sense).

Marie said...

Baby Bufters? They seem to be getting very popular. I have one and it's lovely.

The Nappyline said...

P'tits Dessous mini-maxi onesize pockets.

I have put a review in the p'tits dessous comments, but this is in the wrong place really, as that thread seems to be for separates nappies, needing a wrap, and the mini-maxi is a true pocket. It's a really awesome birth to potty pocket!

Anonymous said...

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Elaine said...

Drybees are a really good all in one
I really like All in One AIO nappies and this is a great one. You can still add extra boosters for longer periods of wear, such as overnight.
With no extra boosting it is easily absorbent enough for quite heavy daytime use and lasts a good four hours.
My daughter is a heavy wetter and the nappy had no problem with leaks and required one extra booster to go overnight.
The fits nice and neatly and doesn't seem too bulky for daytimes.
I am not a fan of aplix because it ends up sticking to everything in the washing machine, but this is a nice quality aplix.
As long as I can get a vest over the nappy my DD can't undo the nappy, but it is not the one for wearing on it's own, it would be off in seconds.
I like the shape of the nappy and there is no problem with droopage at the front.
Will be looking for a poppered version.

Elaine said...

I couldn't see G-Diapers on here.
We had a trial pack and thought they were OK.
The nappy has a waterproof wrap and a plastic insert which poppers in. The paper bit then goes in, it looks like a sanitary towel hmmm.
It was a bit fiddly to insert, but did fit nicely and the overall nappy was neat when worn.
I found the containment good and there were no leaks apart from when my daughter slept on her side one nap time, although she may have fiddled with it. She wasn't keen on these nappies and would complain about them, so they may not have been comfortable for her. I couldn't see any major marks afterwards to support this theory.
Disposing of the pads was sometimes OK, you had to break the pad up and poke it down the loo. This was not too bad with a wet pad, but quite disgusting with a soiled pad.

The cover has a plastic insert that snaps in. You then add the diaper part. It was a lot like fitting a maxipad into the diaper cover. At first I wasn't sure it would fit but it did. They fit well and didn't leak, neither when wet nor soiled.
I do have some reservations about flushing and adding to waste in that way. There is an option to compost the liners, but we don't have the facilities for this, so they either went in the bin or down the loo.