My baby in a large Peewees, boosted with a Tots Bots 3-layer towelling booster. Huge (no wonder he looks shocked!!)


Maisiemog said...

These have become a default night nappy for me - the most absorbent terry fitted nappy that I have.
They look hilarious if you get those wacky 70s towel designs, but some of the colour combinations....:0
They are bulkier than tots for night (I use a medium or large v size 2 tots) and dry harder.
I find the sizing a bit random, I have two larges that are basically different sizes. I also find the elastic can be a bit too tight, so poor ds has red weals if I'm not very careful with the poppers.

Anonymous said...

I would go with maisie mogs comments, One of mine was in the most amazing towelling that was soft no matter how i washed or dried it and was the best night nappy ever. The other was smaller and scratchy towelling and I didn't use or like it much at all. The sales description on them was idenitical!!!!!

haydeecooper said...

I preferred the old style ones with the attached booster, and it would be great if they came in nippa versions!

Other than that, very cute and absorbant. I would go wih the comments on sizing and variability though, I had 2 mediums which were very different sizes and shapes. One I loved, the other I hardly used. It was snapped up on e-bay for a very good price though, so resale potential is excellent!

I have just got a couple of newborn ones for #2 and they are gorgeous! They will definitely fit way beyond the suggested 11lb.

Anonymous said...

I like these, but they're similar in size to Motherease one size and my 14 month old has outgrown them already.

jane and ezziebaba said...

I love these nappies, they're just so gorgeous and original. i've been using them since ezzie was about 2 months for nighttime with disana tie ups for the day but once ezzie could move i found it much easier with a shaped nappy so use them all the time now. I love the variety of colours and designs and that it's all recycled just adds to the cloth nappy experience.
I've used tots bots as well but just prefer that the booster is detachable and less bulky in the day and i like the poppers - just seem to get a good fit. have sometimes had red mark from the popper. sometimes the sizing has been a wee bit different but because of all the poppers and turning the front over i just made it smaller so it wasn't really a problem.
ezzie's now nearly 15 months and i'm still using the mediums i originally got and some large plus i've bought some of the birth to potty which i really love, not quite as absorbent as the sized but less bulky for day.

Anonymous said...

I started using Peeweez large when my baby was five months, once he'd grown out of the prefolds I'd received from Sheffield CC. I love the fact they're recycled, unique and made at home. Also they're better than prefolds at keeping poo off the outer, though it does often escape - inevitably? So, I don't think the elastic is too tight and it doesn't leave marks, obviously it will vary with the baby's legs. My baby is now 15mths and I think the sizing will work fine and last him until pants. (Good luck, Peeweez - you're doing a great job!)

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