Nappies from the USA

Those gorgeous, lovely and not so lovely American nappies/diapers that you have tried,


This is my baby in a Baby Softwrap All-In-One from the US


Maisiemog said...

Baby Softwrap
an allinone nappy from the US. Gorgeous Cotton covered PUL outers, with soft fleece around the legs, it doesn't leave red marks. This sidesnapping nappy is ideal for Summer.
The snapin soaker is hemp with a fleece top and the single layer soaker gives a lovely slim fit.
There is a lot of adjustability in the side wings, so a large can do
from 15lbs up.
The containment is good on this nappy.
The downside is that it can wick like most cotton outered nappies, so is not suitable for night. The leaks are the downside, not that frequent, but you can't relax the way you can with a two-part nappy system.

Maisiemog said...

Little Lambs All in One. Another US nappy. Lovely Summer nappy, with great colours and designs.
The lay-in booster seems very absorbent and lasts a few hours.
THe design is very frilly around the legs and puffy, so makes babies look very cute.
This is a side-snapping nappy which is a bit fiddly as the leg poppers are hard to find and can be a bit tight.
The cotton outer version tends to leak quicker than PUL, but generally not too bad for absorbency. The containment is excellent and would be fab on a newborn.
Not a night nappy, but a super-cute day nappy.

Maisiemog said...
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clothieQ said...

I love the Baby Softwraps but I didn't find them very absorbent, great for a slim fitting showing off nappy though. Heavenly Heinys are nice, the fleece ones work really well but are a bit bulky for day time use but the PUL covered ones are great although I found the system a little fiddly to use.

Maisiemog said...

As an addendum to the baby softwraps. I find the two layer soaker works really well for quite a few hours, but the single layer soaker is only good for a couple of hours, so needs extra boosting for out and about.

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