Dizzy Diaper and Microdizzy

My son in a Dizzy Diaper on the second set of poppers. Now available as a stuffable nappy and also available in microfibre in the form of the Microdizzy.


Anonymous said...

Have one of these which have used since ds was 15weeks. Still using now at 16months.

Not as nice as MEO, fits snuggly round thighs but looks baggy around waist.

Maisiemog said...

I like the look of these, kind of formless and squishy, in a cute way. However, it is easy to put them on inside out or back to front by accident, I even find back to front better for a boy, as the soaker is a bit too low for boy peepee at the front.
I agree the legs are a good fit, but the waist needs more poppers. It has seven at the moment and the waist is still a bit loose.
It takes a couple of days to dry, but comes up looking good, not crusty like long pile terry.
The size is great, really neat, but still with good absorbency. I wish they made an aplix one, as I think I could get the fit better, or perhaps a double row of poppers for separate waist and leg fitting.

Anonymous said...

I don't like my Dizzy Diapers. I think they are too wide between the legs and I just can't get them to sit properly around the waist. I have tried them both on my daughter who is 5 months/15 lbs and my son who is 29 months/34 lbs - and they really don't fit any of them. They are supposed to be snapped shorter in the length for smaller babies but when I do that they seem to be too fat in the front - not comfy at all.
I am guessing this diaper would be better on a shorter baby - both of my kids are tall/long. But either way I just can't get them to fit any of my kids.
The other night when I needed a fresh diaper I asked DP to get one for me. He came back with a dizzy saying it was the last clean cloth.. can you belive I preferred to put her in a disposable we had left from when we changed to cloth... NOt liking this diaper at all.. - I MUCH prefer the Diddy Diaper over this one. It is a MUCH better fit for my slim babies..

Maisiemog said...

Unfortunately I have now had to retire my dizzy diapers, as they started to leak poop.
DS now has 'blowouts' and a lot of nappies struggle to contain this. The Dizzies never could, even when poppered to the point when DS's eyes bulged.
Oh well, still a lovely neat nappy, as long as your baby is 'solid' so to speak.

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