Growing Greens Hemp Nappy

My son in his Growing Greens Nappy, he is on the bigger set of snaps, but right in the centre, this leaves a high front.


Anonymous said...

I love my growing greens this is my new favourite birth to potty.

It seems to stay soft even in hard water.

Anonymous said...

Superb Nappy. Slim yet supremely absorbant. Stays lovely and soft. More absorbant than tots bots in my opinon.

Maisiemog said...

Have only just started using mine and my ds is inbetween the two sizings in this nappy, so I use the 'big' poppers and fold the front down. The fit is not bulky but not slim, with the booster in.
The containment is good, although my baby is weaning, so no explosions now. The absorbency is good, even though it has only been washed three times.
It looks very cute - picture to follow.
I found the small row of poppers didn't work well and the nappy went all wonky, but that's just that in-between thing I think.
Didn't try it from birth, I think the nappy would have been bulky, but the booster can be used as a contour nappy, and it is probably nippable.
Nice nappy.

Maisiemog said...

Addendum to the above review.
I have now shelved the growing greens until my ds fits the large poppers better, as the containment of poop is not very good on the current setting. Not that this is just an issue with GG, we are having the same problem with a lot of nappies, if the fit isn't very close there are leaks.

Anonymous said...

Best nappy ever IMHO.
best value and very absorbent. 10/10

msjiffle said...

i didn't try this on the smaller poppers, but don't like the fit on the larger ones. it seems a bit weird fastening halfway down the front instead of near the top. dd is tall and it's just not good on her, it seems to sag under her tummy somehow, but it might be better on a shorter chunkier baby?!!!
i love the feel of the fabric, it washes nicely and stays quite soft, but i'm a bit disappointed by its absorbency, i was expecting better fromm a fully hemp nappy, though other people have found it fine and dd is a light wetter.
currently in my 'to sell' box.

Anonymous said...

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