Stuffie Nappy

My son at 9 months, in a size 2 Stuffie Nappy. This version has a hemp (terry) outer instead of towelling, it has a rainbow fleece inner and rainbow poppers.


Heather said...

Absolutely gorgeous.

Very handy nappy.
Use without stuffing for slim daytime use.
Stuff it with a booster for super absorbent nightime use.
An excellent all round nappy

Sarah Hughes said...

Brilliant nappies!!!!!
Available with 3 closure types: Aplix, popper or nippa. Size twos can be folded down at the front so they can be used from about 6 months to potty training (depending on the size of your baby)
Fit well under most wraps on the market an all round FAB nappy :-)

Peachyclair said...

Amazing! Used with folded terries. They were so attractive (Leopardskin!) that I could go without putting trousers on himin teh heat and still feel good, they were far more waterproof than any others bar the tots bots too. And they have lasted ages.

Sarah M said...

I love these... All fleece lined so need for a seperate liner, booster gets tucked away in it's pocket so no extra bits when I am putting it on my extremely wriggly baby. In fab colours, and goes well with just about any wrap. Can definately reccomend.

EmmaB said...

Love these! They fit beautifully and can be stuffed to match the occasion! Just ordered more and can't wait for them to come!

Paula Jarvis said...

My all time fave at the moment as its fleece inside so keeps bum nice and soft, can be stuffed depending on if its nap time or just a normal change! superbly made too.

Maisiemog said...

We are currently using a hemp stuffie for nights. I am very happy with the performance, it was second hand so I haven't had to wait for the absorbency as it has been washed many times already.
We stuff it with the supplied hemp stuffer, plus another hemp stuffer and a couple of microfibre cloths, and it still seems a nice slim fit.
The elastication is good and we have had no poop leaks.
I like that the inner isn't white, as it doesn't show the stains so much. And the unbleached outer doesn't look mucky. Compared with the Bumble, which I have found stains all over, as it is all white.
Just a nice well made nappy.
I find the poppers a little confusing, as there are a lot of them - which isn't a bad thing, just not sure if I am fastening them properly, but they work.

Maisiemog said...

I now have a nippa terry stuffie, which is a lot easier to fasten than the popper version.
This is a great night nappy, which is high in the rise, so would suit a tall baby. I find it can leave red marks on ds's legs sometimes, but overall a great night nappy.
It's a size 2 and at 15 months and weighing in at the low 20's this would not be a good day nappy for ds, as it is a bit too high in the rise for his build.

CorrieDale said...

Excellent nappy. Really lovely! Good absorbency, excellent fit, lovely fabrics. Perfect for my slim but long LO.

Anonymous said...

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