My son in a Cuddlebuns nappy on the biggest setting. This nappy can be folded over to make it smaller, but he is at that 'inbetween' size.


Anonymous said...

Nappies for showing off, but not only that they are absorbent and slim.

so much choice velour is nice but those lined with microfleece are my faves.

Snap in boosters are great too.

Sarah Hughes said...

Very absorbant nappies, and extrememly slim fitting. They are a birth to potty nappy, and fit well under most wraps. Can be found with lovely fabric combinations which means its a shame to put a cover over them!!!!

Maisiemog said...

I have a few of these, they look lovely, good for Summer.
I haven't tried them as birth to potty, I imagine they would be pretty bulky on a small baby.
They are normally lined with something lovely and soft, fleece or sherpa terry, which is nice for bums.
They are pretty absorbent and not too bad for cleaning poop from. Apart from those frilly elasticated legs - poop trap!
Nice nappy, quite slim, but still a bit bulky, by the time you have a wrap on, but not too bad.

Anonymous said...

I love these nappies and they are brill on my heavy wetting son. Slim as well as very absorbent.

Anonymous said...

One of my fav nappies, I wouldn't use the one size on a new born however as they would be too bulky, although I haven't tried.

Absorbant and great for showing off ;-)

Anonymous said...

I didn't get on with these, I found the 'frilly' elasticated bit at the front didn't sit right on my baby, the fit wasn't great, they needed boosting and the boosters always curled at the edges which looked uncomfortable for baby to me.

Maisiemog said...

Now have a bikini cut Cuddlebuns, which is lower in the rise than the regular size. I love it, it seems to fit round the legs much better on my ds and there isn't a huge behind down to his knees, which seemed to be the case with the regular Cuddlebuns.
If your baby is an average size then I recommend this type of Cuddlebuns, as they fit like a glove, but still have the newborn poppers for birth to potty (probably fit a newborn a lot better too)

mum-of-3 said...

These are absolutely lovely, I just got a CB quick dry that has two snap-in bamboo booster flaps, inside is velour and outer lovely retro terry stripes!
got them from Finland -->

Gonna get a sherpa CB and maybe a Cuddle-in-One too as I've read great reviews about them!

I wonder are there any WAHM's in the UK who make them? I was trying to search but none of the links opened/were not in use anymore..?

Anonymous said...

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