Nappy Wraps and Covers

I'm kind of lumping all wrap together in this section, for now, but will make individual headings up soon.

The photo shows my son in a medium Bummis (Cotton Bottoms) Super Whisper Wrap, over a Dizzy Diaper.


Maisiemog said...

I'll start off by reviewing the Bummi Super Whisper wrap. This is the one supplied with Cotton Bottoms and is made from PUL (polyurethane laminate). This is a knitted cover which is quite stretchy and has soft bindings around the leg and waist.
I find it very good for prefolds and low rise nappies, like tots or dizzy diapers. For higher rise nappies i.e. the waistline is higher - moving towards Simon Cowell in the 70s, I either fold down the nappy to make it fit, or go to the next size of wrap - bit of a faff I suppose, but I do trust this wrap, as it very seldom leaks, and that's usually my fault cos I didn't put it on correctly.
The wrap is available in aplix (like velcro) and poppers. I have aplix and find it easy to get a good fit. The wraps stay looking very good, particularly the patterned wraps and are pretty bomb-proof. The work really well over terries and prefolds and look cute.
I think price-wise they are about the same as the Motherease wraps.
There is a crossover front, so if you only buy the medium it will actually fit from teeny to pretty big. I would say buy medium as it goes 15-35lbs, a couple of larges for night and a couple of smalls for the first few months.

Anonymous said...

Motherease Rikki

Good containment and fits over most nappies, it seems very hard wearing too.

Anonymous said...

Good containment and snug enough for prefolds, can be used over some of the slimmer shaped nappies. Very hard wearing.

Anonymous said...

Motherease Airflow
I find it definitely increases the amount of time a nappy can be worn for so it is good for nights and long journeys, the adjustable fit around the legs and thighs the soft bindings don't seem to mark little legs.

Anonymous said...

Tots wrap

I found i needed to take care putting this on as it did leak on a couple of occasions, you have to sort of pull it round the legs.
I think the fleece ones are marvellous for night but prefer Motherease pul for day.

Anonymous said...

Green Baby

This is a good leakproof fit but the binding on the legs did mark my little one more than other wraps.

pickled said...

I love the Junior Joy Finn wraps, they have a leg gusset which helps on containment and are a very good price.
Also like the Tots Wraps, good on tots nappies, but don't always fit other nappies.
Love Nature Babies wraps, again a gussetted leg and beautiful colours. Never got on with the super whisper, always leaked.

Have a gorgeous hand knitted arran wool wrap from bumsnugglers too.

Anonymous said...

Motherease airflow are made of the softest most flexible PUL . The Eco prints are so cute and the containment is excellent

Anonymous said...

I found the super whisper wrap, no good for my dd who was a heavy wetter, it did wash well and look good but it always leaked. Even with ds who is a light wetter Istill have similar problems, I did like the cut as it was a trim fitting wrap but just no good for my children!

Anonymous said...

Any wrap by Motherease is fab. They're the only ones I've used and have had no probs at all.

carrie said...

SNUGGLENAPS easygro wrap.
this is an ingenious wrap designed as a birth to potty wrap (a rare thing, but hey, if they can do it with nappies they can do it with wraps!). The height can be adjusted using three sets of poppers and the wrap over velcro fastening adjusts over an amazing range. It has a treble gusset, giving a deep wrap suitable primarily (in my opinion) for pad folded nappies,like prefolds or terries. but is also useful over most other brands. I'm not a fan of the pattern coming with little boats and stuff on but bright, pretty and cheap considering its size range. Why dont more companies do this?

Anonymous said...

I have some bummis wraps, the polythene type, one with frogs and also two in white. I bought these from Ebay, new.
I have been using them for a year and a half and they are still going strong. We have three mediums which is enough for us. We use ours with Mikey diapers, which are a good budget nappy in cotton. They are a good cover, and we have had no leakage unless the nappy has got really wet.
The Mikey diapers are great, the fit is a bit loose, but they wash well and are really absorbent for only £2.99each.

HC said...

I did use prorap, bought loads of these and then discovered Junior Joy finn wraps which are nearly the same except softer and cheaper, I love them. Great over prefolds and padfolded terrys.
Also use Nappy Nation wraps, great colours for summer, sizing seems on the small side though, babe is at the smaller end of size 2 but these already seem to be abit tight.

Anonymous said...

Nature Baby have some beautiful wrap, funky prints and lovely colours. The pink gingham can have problems with leaks.

SamN said...

I use Motherease airflow wraps over my son's Rainbow Tots, and used to use them over his brother's folded terry nappies. They work really well and I've had few problems with them. After lots of use they might start to let wee through - I've heard the PUL can be 'reset' by tumble drying them but we don't have a tumble drier!

I didn't get on so well with the velcro wraps.

miranda said...

PRORAP - awful budget wrap. Bought some second hand when I first started and they were awful to fit and leaked. Too slim for most shaped nappies

NATURE BABIES - Leak, gusseted legs just don't work do they. And the cooler the design the worse they seem to be. I have a denim one and it WICKS. Would never recommend

POPOLINI WRAPS - just the same as motherease, but made in Europe, don't like giving too much money to USA (shame that fuzzis are from there) Available in a velcro or popper version. No really cool materials unfortunately. Also, now available as a budget version (the Bravo) which is just as good but cheaper. Bravo is just in a less cotton material and not as soft to the touch. Never had a nappy leak out of these, even if they leak onto the wrap

Paula Jarvis said...


Bummis (Cotton Bottoms) Super Whisper wraps are fabulous. Easy to get hold of even boots sell them, they look pretty, feel nice and protect against leaks

Imse Vimse Bumpy Day wraps - feel beautiful, look great but after 1 change needs drying before re-using. They wick on a heavy wetter which sometimes means after nap I have to change all the clothes as well as the nappy.

Rikki velcro wraps I've never got on with the velcro folds inwards and rubs on her tum.

Popo wraps have that extra bit to put down over the velcro, gussetted so fit most nappies and work well, however aren't quite so pretty.

Inca said...

Motherease Air-flow: So far these are by far the most reliable wraps I have used. I was sceptic when I got my first couple of used ones but they are now my favourites.. They don't leak - just don't..

Rikki also Motherease: This was my first favourite wrap. It is easy to put on and easy to get the whole diaper inside. What I like less than the Air-Flow is the aplix - it has a tendensy to want to touch the skin at either one point or the other. But it still is a good relieable wrap that has hardly ever leaked for us.

Nature Babies: :-( I really wanted them to work cause I got me a cute purple gingham medium wrap. But I just cannot get either of my Nature Babies wraps to fit all the way around the diaper. When I get them to fit around the thighs then the diaper is sticking out above and vice versa..

Litewrap: Nope didn't work for us. The leg gussets just don't work and it is too thick to be flexible in the fit. The poppers on the side make it difficult to get a proper fit all the way around both legs and belly.

Tots Bots Fleece wrap: Nice comfy wrap but I don't like that it has to be washed after every wear :( Also I don't like how it made my other nappies and wraps pink in the washer :(

Maisiemog said...

Modern baby premium wrap is a high rise, neat fitting wrap with gusseted legs. It looks nicer than most wraps, which is good for showing off in Summer time.
The tabs seem very short and therefore not very adjustable, but despite this do fit well. The wrap covers the Modern baby Premium perfectly, but struggles to cover more bulky terry nappies. It is good over high rise nappies like Poochies or Happy Nappy Days.
I have found that it is a bit too easy to nip ds's thigh at the point where velcro tabs cross over the front of the wrap, so I exercise caution when fastening.
Cute wrap, no leaks so far and washes up well.

Charlie said...

Nature Babies: Looks great, fit well.. but WICK!!! horrendous, had wet patches within an hour of putting it on.

Modern Baby: Looks great, fits well and no leaks, added to that they come in a great range of colours to match the naapies, also find they work well over a diddy diaper and sandy's HIGHLY recommend this wrap

julii said...

MOTHEREASE (ME): another fan here. Any style, although I find it easier to get snug fit with popper ones.

JUNIOR JOY: you can buy these cheap on Ebay, so probably value for money. Are waterproof & very generous leg gusset. I just have an issue with sizing. Their XL is hardly bigger than my ME larges.

EARTHWISE: (on 2nd hand market?) Fit well over slim line nappies (high leg cut).

SNUGGLENAPS: These are good for stuffing other things into (like terries), and they can popper down to fit small babies. But still work best with their own-make nappies (which popper into them).

PLASTIC PANTS from BOOTS: if money is an issue, good to have a few spare, you can reduce how many expensive wraps you need by having these as backups in case the quality wraps are waiting to get dry.

Nemo1977 said...

bummis cotton bottoms wraps fantastic wraps.

ME rikki, these were great on my tiny newborn easy to use and kept everything in.

ME airflow also love these as ideal for funny shaped babies as my daughter has thick thighs but small waist. another one great from birth.

Nature babies not really fussed on these as they have leaked when I used them

tots wraps love these but that may also be partly due to the designs. I know the fleece wraps can have problems wickingbut havent had this yet!!

Anonymous said...


These wraps were changed in their design around the end of last year I think - the new ones are great and don't wick at all - different method of manufacture I think - I have found mine to be super dry but I know they are the new type


These are dry but left red marks on babies legs


Tried the Redwrap - found velcro scratchy

Suki said...

Polar Bummi

Super soft and fits my year old child well without leaving any red marks. I haven't found it to wick, but the velcro seems to undo on its own accord sometimes. All in all I think it is a good wrap.

Anonymous said...

Pretty in Pink

These are gorgeous print cotton outers with PUL inside and I thought they might wick terribly, but they only have wicked on one occasion and I left the nappy on too long anyway. Perfect for going out somewhere as the outer fabric looks so posh!

spugs said...

prefer me rikkis to air flow as there a better fit on my dd legs. never had any leaks and i use them most of the time.
not so keen on the tots bots wrap, nice colours but its difficult to get a good fit round the legs.
just bought a wacky wrap - lovely has fleece outer with pic of a sun on but isnt bulky. the waterproof bit is supposed to be more breathable then pul.
expensive at a tenner but worth it as a show off summer nappy.

Anonymous said...

We loved motherease wraps rikki's to start and then rikka's. But haven't worn them in months. We are now loving our stacinators and lovebums with pul and fleece cuffs when we aren't in wool. We did also have a few popolini and they were just as good as the motherease. We also have a size 3 nappy nation which is a lovely roomy fit. button up nappies pull on wrap is nice but not for us very basic.

Anonymous said...

ME - fab in both popper and rikki

Onesize - as ME but popper ones seem to gape at the legs, could do with an extra popper to make it tighter.

Nature babies - leaked for us :-(

Proraps - good and functional

Bambino Mio - don't fit correctly over shaped nappies, and don't contain bf poo well with prefolds.

Cotton Bottoms - a fab. workhorse of a wrap. Wears well and never leaks.

Kooshies - feel very plasticky, didn't like these.

Junior Joy - OK but don't fit too well over larger shaped nappies like tots.

Anonymous said...

We love lovebums. Similar in style to stacinator so simple, but more adjustable, better value and much cuter. They have a lovely soft fleece cuffs on the legs and tummy ideal for chunky babies, we don't get any red marks or rubs with these. They are excellent at containment and very cute looking too.
Take a look you won't be disapointed.

Maisiemog said...

I am really liking Bumpy Wool Wraps at the moment. They are kind of aplix, but softer, and the loop covers most of the front of the wrap, so you can fasten the hook anywhere and get a perfect fit.
This wrap is so slim, on a par with a woolly wrap or one layer soaker, so it can go under clothing. It is great for nights, although not as thick as poplini, so you have to make sure the nappy is well boosted.
The downside is the wool seems to discolour and go brown, also I have ruined the aplix on two of my wraps by doing a wool wash and spinning them on 700, it went really wonky. So be very careful and probably wash by hand, it's an expensive wrap to ruin.

Anonymous said...

As to covers we like:

- popolini and motherease: very similar design and fabric, very reliable cover
- nature babies (I believe only the new and improved design is sold nowadays): the cutest prints and never had any leaks
- bambino mio size newborn: these were the only ones that fitted my newborn the first couple of weeks

Anonymous said...

I have been using Junior Joy covers over prefolds and find them great and much cheaper than a lot of the other wraps out there!!

suki said...

JUNIOR JOY: Budget wraps that I found to be totally hopeless. The wee went through the material let alone the legs!!

LITTLE LAMBS: Another budget wrap that I find excellent. I've had to use this one at night (I usually use wool), and it didn't leak at all. The lseg gussets are a great idea, they are really stretchy, and the aplix is VERY strong, useful when my son keeps trying to pull them off!

WEENOTIONS: Another good wrap.. lovely colours and a roomy fit.

WACKYWRAPS: Again, a great wrap[. I love the designs. My daughter did comment on the fact that my son looked a little like an ant with one on, but I don't mind the big bum look. The PUL is really soft and stretchy like the Little Lambs one.

MOTHEREASE AIRFLOW: Although I think this is a very good wrap, I find my son has an allergy to the binding around the legs and so cannot use them.

Anonymous said...

Motherease airflow wrap - have a medium and a large, but neither seem to fit my little girl, who is very slim, but average height.
The medium was leaking, so I took her out in a large, which seemed to be a little loose and guess what - it leaked out of the side.
So cannot recommend this wrap for slim children, it is a very strange fit and the jump from one size to the next is too large.
Bumpy night warp - got one of these on sale, quite an unusual wrap, but I really like it. It is very soft and doesn't mark my baby's legs and have not any problems with leaks at all. Very nice, slim wrap.

Anonymous said...

I have some EXCELLENT wraps which are made by NIKKI ~ they were available through Bambino Mio in 2001 and have used them again on my new baby. They are ace and have weathered well considering how well they were used in 2001/2002/2003. They are a mixture of 'premium' and 'wool' wraps (in fact the wool wrap looks exactly like a BUMPY wool wrap)! Does anyone know if these wraps are still available in the UK??

Mands said...

I got some tots new wraps for the forthcoming Summer. They look lovely although the fabric is a bit plasticky for me.
We didn't get on with the old tots wraps because of leaking around the legs - these are worse!
They don't last long at all before wee starts to seep from the bindings onto the clothes.

Anonymous said...

use mainly ME rikki - have bought one of the size large airflow as ds started threatening to undo the velcro on the rikkis, but the sizing is totally different, and so the leg holes are far too big on the tightest setting.

Also have one wacky wrap - expensive and bulky to go under clothes, but the sizing seems much better than the airflow for ds and very cute for summer!

SJ said...

Nature babies. PUL wrap. Gentle elastication at the legs and waist. Quite soft.

Motherease Airflow. Excellent material, but elastic was a bit sharper than the Nature babies' and left some nasty elastic marks on baby's legs. Otherwise a lovely wrap.

My favourite is the tots bots fleece wrap though. I use the red wrap (the thicker one) for night time and the rainbow wrap during the day. They're both fabulous for sensitive skin and extremely easy to care for.

Anonymous said...

Motherease Airflow are the best I've tried - breathable, but best for containment and leaks.

I've also tried tots bots, and bummis - both are not as reliable as ME's

Anonymous said...

Tots Bots patterned wrap. I've found that the blue star tots wrap leaks almost with the the first wee. I'm really disappointed. Has anyone else had this problem?

Other white tots wraps all seem fine with no leakage.

Laura@FYP said...

Thirsties Wraps

A US brand, these are by far the best nappy wraps I have personally used. Great shape, fit over any nappy, adjustable, gusseted legs, no wicking, and most importantly- great selection of colours! :D

Anonymous said...

nappyelite wraps.
Recommended by a friend at our local mother and toddler group I was sceptical because of the fabric outers and lack of gussets, plus the fact they are hand made, BUT they are exceptional. If you really want a wrap that will look pretty, work properly, and last for more than one baby then these are exactly what you need. No leaks, no wicking and I get whatever I want on the outside layer.
Definitely can recommend without a second thought as they are so reliable and can be used day and night too.
We see them around a fair bit here in Yorkshire.

Anonymous said...

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rosheen said...

kushies classic wrap

i found these werent particularly effective against leaks as the leg holes were soooo big and out of proportion to the tummy size. the elastic also became very rigid so once my child started crawling, it rubbed his thighs and made them sore.

they also quickly discoloured in the wash and the elastic round the legs stained as soon as any poo leaked.

however they do a range which includes some nice patterns and they are reasonably priced (which, nievely were the attraction for me with my first child).

would not recommend or use again.