Where did you buy yours?

This is a section allowing you to add a review for the people that you bought your nappies from. You can leave feedback whether you bought your nappies direct from the actual manufacturer, or through a nappy retailer, stocking many different brands.
If you bought second hand and would like to leave a review for the second hand shop, auction or forum then you can do it here as well.


Maisiemog said...

Ebay has a baby changing section, featuring cloth/towelling reusable nappies.
I have picked up quite a few bargains on here, the more obscure nappies don't do so well on Ebay, so it's a good place to look if you want to pick up a wahm nappy or something.
On the other hand well known nappies such as fuzzibunz sell for almost the same as new.
I saw some used disana tieon nappies sell for more than the new price?
Watch out for excessive postage charges.

HC said...

I've bought from Twinkle Twinkle, Kittykins and babykind. They have really infomative websites and very quick delivery.
I've had to return some items to all websites due to sizes (my mistake not theirs) and had no problems with that.

Maisiemog said...

I have bought second hand from UKParents nappy board. It's great with a huge selection coming up daily. However, you have to move fast, they get snapped up super fast if they are popular makes.

Anonymous said...

My favourite nappy seller is Babykind.co.uk - I have bought from there a number of times and each time been over the moon with the service! I have also used The Baby Orchard which is an Ireland based site but really good as well.

Anonymous said...

I always buy from Nappymania. The service is really quick and friendly with free postage! Sarah has been very helpful.

EmmaB said...

I like Kiitykins best. Very friendly and very reliable.

clothieQ said...

Kittykins are excellent, a really quick service and very helpful when I was totally confused about which nappies/covers to buy!

Anonymous said...

I always use www.time2changeuk.com they are really helpful as I am a new clothie and they were very patient with me, always quick delivery and take exchanges with no problem. Oh and free fleece liners, which is always handy ;-) Cheaper than a lot of places too. Great service, nice lady!

Anonymous said...

cuddlebabes.co.uk website easy to use. I've bought lanolin and fleece outers there. For nappies - peeweez.co.uk for shaped popper nappies using recycled towelling -very colourful and Green. Photos of each one to choose. Soon to be one size fits all.

Anonymous said...

Plush Pants uk do a virtually free trial so you can try different nappies for a hire charge of £1 per week + postage. Excelent service and really helps with so many to chhse from.

Anonymous said...

I have found Twinkle on the web and Time to Change really helpful too with very quick delivery times. Have also bought from Mumi who have been great but with a smaller selection. I recently bought a bamboo nappie from Babeco who are a non-profit making company, I have Bambozle and still trying to see which I like best!

rainbow said...

I've bought from lots of different online nappy shops but my favourites are:
www.kittykins.co.uk and www.twinkleontheweb.co.uk

kl_gendron said...

I bought almost all of my stuff through www.thenappylady.co.uk. Excellent prices, quick delivery, and a wealth of information! Can't recommend highly enough!

Anonymous said...

Ive bought from seesaw which is a shop in Edinburgh. the prices were competitive for the basics withte webbased shops and i wanted to support a local initiative, that makes nappies more accesable to those who want to feel and touch before you buy. I also think it makes non clothes uerers know there are choices out there. I tknow the rest of there stuff seem expensive but i did a pretty thourogh price check and they seem great.

Anonymous said...



I've placed several large and small orders from Baby Kind and always have had fabulous service. They send out (on request) very informative instuction sheets. Best of all super fast delivery so I can enjoy my nappies!
Great special offers too! Oh and p&p very fairly priced. Over £75. Free! No I don't work for them! LOL!



Okay. That's all. They messed up my order badly and I had to chase them up, several times. I won't order from them again.



Very friendly and fast service! Quite impressed! Only 2 orders but both as good as Baby Kind! Very fair postal charges too.


I hope this helps somebody!

Anonymous said...



kittikins are also fabulous! Excellent choice, well stocked, good information, super-fast *F*R*E*E* delivery!!


BonyM said...

Andees Kool Kids are wonderful - have some great products, very fast delivery (often next day) and she always pops some freebies in the package as well!

Anonymous said...

I have bought several batches of nappies and nappy accessories from Babykind. I would highly recomend them for several reasons. Firstly their website is so informative with alot of detail given on what they sell, and they state advantages and disadvantages for each product. Their advice is in-depth and relevant. It is a very easy to navigate website! Have always been very impressed with their customer service and delivery times.

annelies said...

I live in Belgium myself and have so far ordered from:

thenaturalbabyresource: my very first nappy order, very pleased with the contact and the service (they accidently sent me 1 nappy for free ;-). Now that I have some nappy experience and know more brands, I find their offer a bit limited
kittykins: very friendly, correct and quick service, really like their range and website
purpur: good, quick, correct
babykind: huge amount of information on their site, very vast range, very good service (one item was not in stock, but they kept me informed. When it turned out that it was no longer available, they offered me a free bib to compensate the wait)
twinkle twinkle: quite disappointing, bad communication, they didn't have certain items in stock so I had to wait a very long time while not knowing what was going on as they did not respond to my messages and I ended up calling the UK several times to get my order)
ella's house: good service and free shipping! Only I don't like the nappies that much...

I always ordered abroad as I found prices in Belgium and Holland to be quite exuberant.
Only for the MotherEase it was difficult sometimes as some UK shops are not aloud to sell them outside of the UK.

And now I have my very own nappy shop :-)

Anonymous said...


They deliver so speedily and items arrive often the next day. Website also featues a blog, which makes for interesting reading. Very helpful when it comes to queries too. A highly recommended company.

Anonymous said...


Great website. Fab range of nappies to chose from with lots of experienced advice.


Run by a lovely woman who is so helpful and informative.

Have been very pleased with Nappymania!

Anonymous said...

Have bought from several but definately found www.makesachange.co.uk to be the best - really friendly and helpful and free shipping even on just a pack of liners. Not such a big range as others but they cover all the important types with a strong angle on organics. Also great range of organic baby clothes, bedding and fair trade toys and shoes and stuff - couldn't resist adding a pack of cute organic baby bodies and an eco friendly toy to my order for wraps recently!

Nice site, easy to navigate and great customer service.

Anonymous said...

We bought our nappies (and continue to buy any consumables!) from,a little shop in Aberystwyth, West Wales, Called 'Little Jack Horner'. The lady was so amazingly helpful and showed us many different varieties (including phoning her husband and asking him to bring in her bag of redundant trial nappies!) I would recomend to anyone who is new to the nappy thing to see if any local retailers sell cloth nappies- online is great if you know what you want but the personalised service is hard to beat! Oh and we saved nearly £20 in comparison to some of the online retailers for our totsbots bamboozles!

Anonymous said...

I can't fault the customer service from Lollipop. The advisors are fab. www.teamlollipop.co.uk I always go back to them for anything and they're always ready to help with any questions!

Anonymous said...

I've used Babykind and makesachange websites. Have had great service from both of them - quick delivery and kept informed if items have been out of stock. No problems with returning unwanted goods either. Babykind do a trial option on the first of every nappy type you buy. You can try it for a month and return it for 70% refund if it's not suitable.
Thoroughly recommend both websites.

Anonymous said...


A very kind and helpful lady, excellent advice for 'first timers' patience and honest advice from a mum!
I have used them twice to buy nappies and have recieved excellent service at a very competative price! All items are discounted or she will offer free postage on items she is unable to discount! I was recommended CottonBots and I would certainly recommend this company to others!

Anonymous said...

Can't fault either Kittykins or The Nappy Lady. Easy to use online shops, friendly and offer good advice. Bummdiddy Baby also offer a good online shopping service.

tory said...

Just recieved my first order from babykind and they were super! I had an email yesterday saying the nappies had been dispatched (i placed my order the night before) and then they arrived this morning!
Fab Service!!

Anonymous said...

Baby Beehinds from www.bebeco.co.uk

Just received my Bamboo Beehinds from Bebeco after finding them through google. They had an offer for a pack of 4 and free delivery. It's my first order with them and I got the nappies within 2 days. Really pleased. Want to try the nappies out now - and will get more if they're as good as everyone says they are.

Anonymous said...

I've used The Nappy Lady, babykind, twinkle and kittykins. For my ME birth to potty kit I used peachycheeks.co.uk as their prices were very good. My order arrived really quickly and they were very helpful!

(from lucyand2 at mumsnet)

Anonymous said...

i really like kittykins because they seem to have one of the best ranges around - i don't think there's anything they don't stock.

however they didn't take my realnappiesforlondon voucher, so i went to the www.cleangreannappy.co.uk
good service, stocked what i was looking for, cheapest around for MEOS and babybeehinds bamboos, offer free p&P on all their totsbots, and as they were local to me i could collect them so saving on postage.

Also used babeco which was good because they gave free postage for orders over £10 and were really quick.

then there's waitrose that stock MEOS and wraps - easy to just pick stuff up.

Anonymous said...

mamigreen is a relatively new company and i must say offer first class customer service. Fantastic range of nappies and organic babycare. I benefited from a free home demo with mamigreen (Rhian) and i then had a trial kit before deciding. Delivery was prompt and free! I couldn't ask for anymore!

Anonymous said...

I bought a full set of nappies from Lizzie's Real Nappies. I was really impressed by the advice they gave and the set contained everything I needed at a great price. It's worth keeping an eye on the site as they regularly have special offers - they seem to change monthly. I'd definately recommend them!!

Anonymous said...

I just bought some wonderoos from www.easynappies.co.uk. The nappies are brilliant. I was a bit worried about using reusables, but I'm really pleased I got them.

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microworm said...

I bought from Twinkle Twinkle and KittyKins. Both are equally informative, prices are similar but KittyKins offers a much wider selection of nappies.

I would also like to recommend Softbots; they may not have a wide selection of nappies but carries the popular brands. The prices are very competitive and offers free delivery for any amount spend! It also gives discount if paying by cheque or BACS.

katy said...

I love Kittykins - They have a great range of products, offer friendly and helpful service and always dispatch orders very quickly.
I've also found their free delivery to be a godsend - it's enabled me to prepare for my son's birth by buying a nappy a week.
Twinkle on the Web are also brilliant - again, a fantastic range of products, a helpful and informative website and very prompt dispatch.
On the not so good side, I wouldn't use Tree Hugger Mums again. They took several weeks to dispatch my order and didn't respond to any communication. When my order finally arrived, half of it was missing along with a note to say they were out of stock. It took them another 5 days to refund me.

Anonymous said...

I ordered some nappies over 3 weeks ago from thenappylady. Great advice and really helpful when I was ordering, but three weeks later still no nappies, no explanation and no indication when they might arrive.

Advice etc is all well and good, but at the end of the day, when you hand over a lot of money you expect to get something in return.

I won't be using them again and would seriously recommend that you don't either.

Anonymous said...

I always used www.bumfluffbabies.com. New website, good offers and service. You can get in touch for advice as well if you need it. Well worth a look.